The Covenant

The Covenant is spinning at a crazy rate and some ultra cool things are happening. We have a song in the movie The Covenant.

It is a remix that we did of Frontline Assembly's song "Predator", where kaRIN provided the vocals.

We have always really loved this song and now it will be on the end credits of the movie.

"Predator" appears on our CD "Vortex", as well as on Frontline Assembly's "Rewind" CD. Our song, "Euphoria" as well as "Predator" are included on the movie soundtrack.

Creative News

Creative News

Let's see what else...tons of exciting things going on...

Still working on new music sent some fabulous new tracks from Dean Garcia (Curve), there is talk of possibly doing an EP together. kaRIN added a little vocal touch to close friend Monica Richard's (Faith & the Muse) upcoming solo CD.

The creative juices are certainly flowing...just not enough time in a day.

New Perfume

New Perfume

Thanks to Neil at Planetary Vapors who was kind enough to create a brand new scent for us. It is now up on the store. Be the first on your block to try it. He called it "Beneath The Skin." This is how he describes it...

" I created a scent for you inspired by your wonderful album, BENEATH THE SKIN!

BENEATH THE SKIN begins with a sudden burst of Yuzu! Yuzu is a sour Japanese citrus fruit, used largely for its zest. It has a euphoric aroma reminiscent of lemons or limes with a hint of grapefruit (Falling Up). A hint of Violet (Violet's Dance) adds an unusual twist (Strange). It is joined by Blackcurrant (Black) for an intriguing, fruity introduction. The Heart of the fragrance is a deep Fig Note (Deep) accented with Seamoss and Oakmoss (95&7). The warm, intoxicating, dreamy Dry Down (Dreams and Illusions) blends Amber and China Musk with hints of Patchouli and Incense (Have Faith) all resting on a precious Base of California Redwood (Pandora's Box)

All these ingredients collide to create an exotic, gender-neutral aroma that seems to emerge from Beneath The Skin"

August finds us in a very creative mode

August finds us in a very creative mode

Remix Contest

For all of you remixers out there, we are holding a remix contest for our song "Son of a Preacher Man"!!!

We are currently working with a video promotion company who is promoting videos from our 'Like the Hunted' DVD, and they requested a special dance version of "Son of a Preacherman", so that the video could be sent out to clubs.

For those of you who do not remember the video and all it's wackiness ... it features cowboys, cheerleaders, an isolation tank, a bunch of crazy stuffed animals, fruit, and a can watch it online here.

We're looking for a very dance/club-friendly version of the song to go with the video. The video itself will be chopped and edited to go with the new version. So have fun and be creative, we look forward to hearing some great remixes!!!

The winner will receive our eternal gratitude =), a bunch of Collide swag, some promotion on our website, and if we love it (and we hope we do), it will go on the new club version edit of the video that will be sent out to various places.

Important detail: We don't have a lot of time on this...the entries need to be received by August 14th to be considered for the contest.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.

Full information can be found here.

New album and collaborating

New album and collaborating

We're still in the middle of working on our new (still untitled) album. Like we've said before, working on a Collide album is never a fast process...there is still lots more work to do. There are about 21 song ideas on the table we will see what happens.

Other Creative Happenings

In other creative happenings, both kaRIN and myself have been working on a couple of songs with Dean Garcia of Curve. We aren't sure where these songs will be released, but at the moment, we're just going song by song, and everyone involved seems excited to work on more material.

kaRIN is also working on some vocals with Mike Fisher of Amish Rake Fight/ formally Machines and Loving Grace. Mike, for those who don't remember, did a great remix of Slither Thing, which appeared on Vortex, which incidentally started the whole Vortex remix ball rolling.



Some exciting news on the horizon...kaRIN has been working on a song with Dean Garcia formally of the band Curve. It is still in the early stages and who knows what will happen with it. This from Dean's website...

" You may have heard of the dark musings of a band called Collide...Oddly otherworldly instrumentation and production abounds...well this collaboration will fit very nicely into that mind set. kaRIN has recorded vocals on a track which I sent her recently which is both menacing and extremely delicate. I'm working on the piece and have decided to write a new as yet unheard by kaRIN section that will bring the whole thing together and tempt the listener into loosing the plot altogether....Again this could be a track for the collab album mentioned below but I have a feeling this will be a standalone track that will not fit with anything other than itself....If that makes any sense !!"

Belly Dancing to Collide

Belly Dancing to Collide

Thanks to Neon and the lovely Tempest, our song 'Monochrome' was recently included on a Gothic Bellydance DVD compilation.

If you have a passion for dance and are interested in getting a copy for yourself it is available on Tempest's website, as well as at

For more info and details...check here...

Meanwhile we have 4 copies of this to giveaway. Soooooooooo the next 4 people to place any order on the site and let us know that they want it included free in their order will get it. If you want to know if it's still available, write us first at collide



After being out of print for more than a year, Distort is back in print. Statik has gone back in the studio and remixed and remastered the Collide remixes and cover versions that appear on this CD using 2006 technology. " Whip It" includes new guitar parts added by Scott Landes. The release also fetures the song "Felix the Cat", previously available only on the compilation, "A Cat Shaped Hole In My Heart" on Projekt.

Reviews and more reviews

Reviews and more reviews

Reviews have been pouring in for "Like The Hunted" and "Live at the El Rey". Here are some of the review snippets, we promise we don't make this stuff up =).

" Breathtaking. Both visually and audibly.“

" One could easily contend that Nirvana had been reached at various points of the concert."

" Collide has done nothing short of creating a highly underrated media phenomenon with this work. Their attention to detail and hard work both as a studio unit and live act prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you reap what you sow. This band hasn't created was spawned. There is no illusion to this band...and the source of their material comes from somewhere dark that even angels fear to touch."

" This album works, to put it succinctly, and this is yet another new leaf turned for this independent group who continue to thrive on their own terms."

" 'Live At The El Rey will join that once-duo of KISS and Marilyn Manson in terms of the best live CDs of all time."

" Collide fans will rejoice because all the favorites are here, and with the aid of newly added, talented musicians their tremendous electro-gothic-industrial sound is expanded to something even more magnificent on stage."

" This really ends up being one of the better live video shoots that I've seen, providing some up-close views as well as capturing the entire stage at once and really making the listener feel as if you're right there on the front row of the live show."

New Collide song in a film

New Collide song in a film

With the help of Scott Landes on guitar, we have written a new song for an independent film called Dreamland. It is an emotive "feel good" kind of song called 'Utopia' which is featured at the resolve of the film.

“ Dreamland is the story of a young woman who has taken care of everyone around her but ultimately learns to take care of herself. It is also the story of how those whose lives she touched must find the strength to let her go. "

" The film centers around an eighteen-year-old Audrey who lives in Dreamland, a small cluster of mobile homes located somewhere in the middle of the vast, dusty desert of New Mexico. This tiny, sun-drenched oasis is also home to Audrey's best friend, Calista, who dreams of beauty pageants and love affairs while struggling with illness and fear of the future. Dependable, level-headed Audrey is equally uncertain about what the future holds. Surrounded by loved ones who need taking care of, including her devoted, agoraphobic father and the ethereal Calista, Audrey can't imagine a life away from the familiar open skies and languid pace of Dreamland. At the same time, her poetry reflects a deep longing for something more. The arrival of a teenage boy, spending a last summer with his family before college, awakens something in Audrey. Poised in the still, breathless moment between adolescence and adulthood, she must decide what sort of life she wants to lead.

First-time feature filmmaker Jason Matzner has crafted a deeply felt drama that boasts strong performances all around, particularly from Agnes Bruckner; her portrayal of Audrey is one of the highlights of this visually stunning and emotionally charged film."

Cast : Agnes Bruckner, Kelli Garner, John Corbett, Justin Long, Gina Gershon In further good news, the film has been accepted into the Sundance Film festival.