Reviews and more reviews

Reviews have been pouring in for "Like The Hunted" and "Live at the El Rey". Here are some of the review snippets, we promise we don't make this stuff up =).

" Breathtaking. Both visually and audibly.“

" One could easily contend that Nirvana had been reached at various points of the concert."

" Collide has done nothing short of creating a highly underrated media phenomenon with this work. Their attention to detail and hard work both as a studio unit and live act prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you reap what you sow. This band hasn't created was spawned. There is no illusion to this band...and the source of their material comes from somewhere dark that even angels fear to touch."

" This album works, to put it succinctly, and this is yet another new leaf turned for this independent group who continue to thrive on their own terms."

" 'Live At The El Rey will join that once-duo of KISS and Marilyn Manson in terms of the best live CDs of all time."

" Collide fans will rejoice because all the favorites are here, and with the aid of newly added, talented musicians their tremendous electro-gothic-industrial sound is expanded to something even more magnificent on stage."

" This really ends up being one of the better live video shoots that I've seen, providing some up-close views as well as capturing the entire stage at once and really making the listener feel as if you're right there on the front row of the live show."

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