like the hunted

Reviews and more reviews

Reviews and more reviews

Reviews have been pouring in for "Like The Hunted" and "Live at the El Rey". Here are some of the review snippets, we promise we don't make this stuff up =).

" Breathtaking. Both visually and audibly.“

" One could easily contend that Nirvana had been reached at various points of the concert."

" Collide has done nothing short of creating a highly underrated media phenomenon with this work. Their attention to detail and hard work both as a studio unit and live act prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you reap what you sow. This band hasn't created was spawned. There is no illusion to this band...and the source of their material comes from somewhere dark that even angels fear to touch."

" This album works, to put it succinctly, and this is yet another new leaf turned for this independent group who continue to thrive on their own terms."

" 'Live At The El Rey will join that once-duo of KISS and Marilyn Manson in terms of the best live CDs of all time."

" Collide fans will rejoice because all the favorites are here, and with the aid of newly added, talented musicians their tremendous electro-gothic-industrial sound is expanded to something even more magnificent on stage."

" This really ends up being one of the better live video shoots that I've seen, providing some up-close views as well as capturing the entire stage at once and really making the listener feel as if you're right there on the front row of the live show."

Like the Hunted-editors pick

Like the Hunted-editors pick

"Like the Hunted" is an editors Pick on Smother Magazine!! thanks to J-Sin

" Breathtaking. Both visually and audibly. “Like the Hunted” gives us unfortunate folks who haven’t seen Collide live in concert a chance to be there—practically on stage with the dynamic duo. Stuffed into this DVD is a slew of special features, videos, and their live performance at the El Rey in Los Angeles on April 14 of 2005. Ethereal vocals by kaRIN combined with the raw energy of Statik translates extremely well to the live stage setting. Not only is the band stunning to watch but so are the visuals with videos for their cover of the Dusty Springfield classic “Son of a Preacher Man” with a manic battle between stuffed pigs, strawberries, cowboys, cheerleaders, and more plus a couple other videos that you unfortunately won’t be seeing on MTV’s main channel. Kevin McVey helps out with the concert footage and a couple of the music videos and shows off his tremendous talent as well. Also included is an interview, photo gallery, and acoustic performances of “Modify” and “Deep”.

Release Parties

Release Parties

We have some release parties going on to celebrate the release of the DVD!!!

From Canada to Belarus in Russia, there will be lots going on :).

We are sending bunches of stuff, including signed DVDs, CDs, T-shirts, posters, necklaces, and some ballots to fill out. Everyone who wants to, will get a chance to win something for the evening, and every ballot will be turned back into us for a chance to win $100 worth of anything on the site.

Our thanks and appreciation to all of these clubs and DJs who have been super supportive over the years of our music and are having the DVD release parties. All of them have let us know they will be showing portions of the DVD. Please check the club schedule as they may be showing it early.

So if you happen to be in any of these areas and are looking for something to do...

Like the Hunted/Live at the El Rey

Like the Hunted/Live at the El Rey

Like the Hunted (DVD)

We finally have an official release date for "Like The Hunted". It will be Tuesday Dec. 6th!!

Pre-sales have begun, please check the store for details and specials. Thanks to those of you who have already ordered.

Live At The El Rey (CD)

We are also releasing a live CD, as a seperate release from the DVD. It is available on the store now, and will ship on the same date as the DVD.

The tracklisting for the CD wil be the same as the live portion of the DVD, except we are adding the video edit of ""Euphoria" as a bonus track, which has been previously unavailable.

Like the Hunted

Like the Hunted

We finally have some artwork to look at! We will be going to press any moment now. As soon as we know an exact release date, we will begin pre-sales!!!

For those of you who do not know... up until now COLLIDE has been a studio band content to live within the walls of their studio creating music. After eleven years of making music and releasing CDs, the constant question of "would they ever play live?" began to haunt us. We really had no idea what it would be like to finally bring our music to life.

We gathered some very talented players to help interpret the sound from the studio to the stage. The players include Scott Landes on guitar, Kai Kurosawa on warr guitar and bass, Rogerio Silva on guitar, and Chaz Pease on drums. If you were ever wondering what it would be like to attend a COLLIDE show, this DVD will answer the question with a 14 song, 65-minute live concert.

What makes this concert even more interesting, is that although COLLIDE has been making music for many years, this was only our ninth live show ever. COLLIDE enlisted talented visionary Kevin McVey to help with the DVD shoot. This concert takes place at the historic El Rey Theater in Los Angeles and was filmed with 5 cameras and was recorded digitally into a Pro-Tools HD system. The "Live at the El Rey" part of the DVD also features a second angle (crane camera) for viewing during the entire concert. The entire concert is presented in widescreen, 16:9 format.

In addition, the DVD includes two of COLLIDE's videos also directed by Kevin McVey--"Euphoria" and "Son of a Preacherman". Like the Hunted will also include a video by newcomer Gabriel McIntyre, with his contemporary take on "Razor Sharp". The DVD also includes footage of Collide's West Coast tour for the songs "Like You Want to Believe" and "Wings of Steel", as well as a 17-minute interview and outtake piece entitled "The Modification. Like The Hunted also features COLLIDE unplugged, performing the songs "Deep" and "Modify". Finally, it includes a photo gallery of over 150 photos.

Here is the tracklisting....

DVD + Store stuff

DVD + Store stuff

So here we are in August....and we thought we'd say hi and give you an update about what's going on in Collide land.

As usual, time seems to be going by way too fast. We are busy finishing up the DVD, and slowly starting on new music...never enough time in a day.

Store Stuff

We always hear from people that they are having a hard time finding our music in stores...we know that it is almost impossible. Unfortunately, as an independent band, it's really tough to get proper distribution. Thanks so much to our fabulous guitar player and computer programmer extrodinare Scott Landes, who has built a new store for us with some more whistles and bows to make it easier to order anything Collide or Saints & Sinners related. Please stop by the store and let us know what you think, we want your feedback. There is also a place to write reviews and some specials going on.