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Shooting Laser Beams CD Super Single

Shooting Laser Beams CD Super Single

We finally have The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" CD super single for you. "Shooting Laser Beams" is the second single from the album Ultrashiver, and clocks in with over 64 minutes of music.

The single also includes the song "Deep Freeze", a bass-heavy, previously unreleased song.

Also included is a remix of "Blacker Than Blue" by the Humble Brothers. (The Humble Brothers for those who don't know, include Ken Marshall, responsible for many of the Skinny Puppy mixes over the years, as well as remixes for tons of artists from Lincoln Park to Rammstein).

The remixes included on this single range from dancefloor ready club to industrial, ambient, downtempo, and a few in between.

We handpicked these remixes from over a hundred that were turned in. Thanks to the remixers involved. If you liked Collide's Vortex album, you will surely love this.

A special acoustic version of "Shooting Laser Beams" is also included. This special version has a newly recorded vocal and Rogerio de Silva on acoustic guitar.

Reviews and more reviews

Reviews and more reviews

Gothic Beauty Review

"The Secret Meeting is where you arrive when Curve meets Collide, in a state that flexes between sharp pangs of emotion and deliciously blurred oneness with all things. From the first intriguing vocals and vibrant effects in "Touch", this music coaxes walls to fall, relaxes your muscles and your mind, and encourages you to move and to breath deeply. Ultrashiver is going to be mindblowing on a big, floor-shaking sound system. Vocalist kaRIN has never sounded silkier, stronger or more sensuous, playing with tempting and focused harmonies alongside Dean Garcia's overarching palette of pulsing, sliding, bouncing guitars and bass. Galvanized by programming master Statik, songs such as "Beautiful Noise Machine" and "SoulCreeper wrap up a full range of textures and tricky mood changes into a luscious, seamless experience so carefully brought together that it feels effortless. -- thanks to Carolee

Rock Sound Review

"Somewhere out there in cyber space, in between social networks and porn and eBay, a beautiful 21st century baby has been born. "Ultrashiver" the result of a cross-continental collaboration between kaRIN and Statik of Collide and Dean Garcia of Curve, is something rare, a newborn with a mature outlook on life. Dreamy, delirious, reeking of atmosphere and heavy with lush layering. The Secret Meeting create songs which are like looking into a very deep well. There is mystery and darkness and a sort of a silky stillness. Languorous industrial beats and often eerie electro experiments are teamed with guitars at times swirling at times jarring, and often just quietly beautiful, while kaRIN's sultry yet searching vocal meandering intoxicate. This is one secret best shared." -Sarah Cosgrove

Movement Magazine

"The Secret Meeting is the combined efforts of kaRIN and Statik of Collide with instrumental help from Dean Garcia formerly of Curve. After listening to this album, I concluded that a more perfect mixture of artist's could not have been more beautifully matched. The music is very reminiscent of both bands (showing the striking similarities they both share) but the music still has its own unique qualities. kaRIN's voice is seductive, soothing, and at times her voice sounds like Toni Halliday (former vocalist for Curve) almost to the point that I first thought it was Toni singing! The music itself is a union of trip-hop grooves, lush electronic atmospheres, and edgy bursts of distorted guitar. Both Garcia and Statik's compositional genius is a force to be reckoned with on this album. Having lent their talents to such acts as TOOL, Eurythmics, Skinny Puppy and many more, you can only imagine what they have achieved together on "Ultrashiver". This album could have stood as a Collide or Curve release individually in some respects, but the interplay between these very talented artist's has forged something just as beautiful, full of emotion and totally captivating that pay the utmost homage to both bands." --Craig Harvey

Evansville Sept. 2007

"Combining the talents of California darkwave electronic duo Collide and former Curve programmer Dean Garcia seems like a pretty promising match, as both acts have specialized in swirly mixtures of moody yet sensual grooves and aggressive electro-rock. Ultrashiver is quite possibly some of the finest and most developed work yet, from either camp. Ranging from the subtly-layered vocal melodies of the percussive "Touch" to the delicate and melodic closer, "Imaginate", which bursts into a swell of epic noise and drums grooves alongside the sweetly mysterious vocals of kaRIN, this transcontinental collaboration flows beautifully. Echoes of Curve lurk within the dubby electro-with-guitar-feedback of "Every Little Thing," wheras Collide's penchant for ghostly texture and bold grooves envelop "Beautiful Noise Machine." Fans of edgier dance-rock with heavenly voices will find immediate sustenance in The Secret Meeting. Wonderful music, and if you doubt me, check out their website ( and hear it for yourself." -Rob Wickett

Secret Meeting News

Secret Meeting News

More crazy good reviews for Ultrashiver...thanks so much to all the people who have taken the time to listen and review it, we have overwhelmed with all the wonderful response (Happy Twirl).

*****Ultrashiver is the pick of the month!!!!

Ultrashiver is the Pick of the Month on Playmusic Magazine, out now on line to Sergio Manghina

This is the coolest music magazine we have ever seen!!!!! It is a must see....wowwwwwwww.... It's the magazine of the future. Go and pick "PlayMusicMagazine", the pages turn and will LOVE it. We love it and they listed The Secret Meeting as pick of the month!!!


"...Ultrashiver is so much more; it is a gift from three artists with an impressive degree of maturity playing on genre borders."

Read more here (Scroll to page 26 to see the review. us it's worth it)

Interviews/Podcasts for The Secret Meeting

Interviews/Podcasts for The Secret Meeting

Alterati Interview

Read it here... or listen to it here on The G Spot...-- Thanks to Wes

Remix Contest

We are just now going through all the remixes that were sent in for the upcoming release of 'Shooting Laser Beams'. Thanks so much to all the remixers involved for taking your time, effort and passion to do a remix for us.!!! We love hearing all the different versions. We will be going through and making an announcement when we can, however just to let you know it will still be a little while before the single will be released.

Radio Stations

We just sent a big mailing of 'Ultrashiver' out to 250 College Stations, so most stations should have the CD and some might even play it =).

Please do us a favor call your favorite radio station and request it. Let them know you want them to play it...every bit helps really.

Hidden Sanctuary

Thanks to the people behind the Mike V of Hidden Sanctuary who spends his time and enegy to help expose underground music purely for the love of music. Thanks Mike it means a lot to all of us...go listen to the station...there are many great artists to discover....tell Mike we said hi.

The Music World Today

So now if you really have bothered to read this far...your probably thinking wow...they must be,selling tons of CDs...well the answer is not good. Seems like people are not bothering to buy CDs much any more...the whole industry is changing....look around at the schools... art and music is going away. It's starting to feel a little dismal...if we do not find a way to speak up and help suport art and music it will become a thing of the past. It will become increasingly impossible for us, or any other artist to continue and pay all the expenses involved in releasing music. Also, support those people, magazines, clubs and radio stations and websites who do the hard work to expose underground music. If you enjoy an artists music, any artist and you have been able to enjoy it for free...find a way to give back. If this has meaning to you in our can buy something...anything here...a t-shirt...a poster...a sticker even.

Secret Website

Secret Website

We have not announced it until now and maybe you already took a peek...but we are finally ready to unveil the Secret Meeting Website.

We felt that TSM needed a whole new web world of its own. We must say that Aaron, (who also does the Collide flash site) went above and beyond and really did a spectacular job. It's fun just to go there and fly around.

Secret Reviews

Secret Reviews

You know... when you are making an album... locked in your studio for a year or so...pouring all your passion into it and basically giving it all you have and not letting it go until you feel that it is the best that you can possibly make it....then there is the moment when you finally let it go ...of wondering what others will think.

Thanks to everyone who has left messages on the The Secret Meeting MySpace etc. It always means a lot to us to hear from you.

Here are the first of the reviews coming in for The Secret Meeting. Our thanks and appreciation to the reviewers involved who took their time and energy to listen to the album and write their thoughts.

The Secret Meeting...starts pre-sales!!!

The Secret Meeting...starts pre-sales!!!

As of today May 29th, we are beginning pre-sales!! The official release date is June 26th, 2007!!

Just in case you're not aware of what we have been up to for the last year, we have been working on a side project with Dean Garcia, of the band Curve. This new collaboration is called The Secret Meeting and we are very excited to finally be letting it go out into the world.

You can pre-order it now on our web store.

Just so you know, this is an independent release put out by Noiseplus Music, which is an artist label. Everything goes into helping to ensure that future music is possible. So please tell your pals to tell their pals...we need as much help as we can to get the word out there.

1-100 The first 100 pre-orders of The Secret Meeting CD Ultrashiver will get a free sticker and a free 11 x 17 full color glossy The Secret Meeting poster (folded)

. 101-300 Pre-orders 101-300 will get a free 11 x 17 full color glossy The Secret Meeting poster (folded).

The Secret Meeting"Shiver X" Single

In addition, we are also releasing the first CD single from Ultrashiver, "Shiver X".

Thanks to all of the talented remixers involved, the single contains nine remixes of "Shiver X", as well as an unreleased tune called "Stargazing"!!

We also have Secret Meeting T-Shirts, stickers and bundle well as limited edition signed CDs and posters.

(Please note that anything ordered for pre-sale will ship on the release date June 26th, if you want other non pre-sale items to arrive sooner, please place the order separately.)

We have created a new thread on the forum to discuss The Secret well as on our Secret Meeting myspace page. Please drop by, as we would LOVE to hear from you.

So what are you waiting for...from our heart to yours...

Welcome to our world...

The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver"

The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver"

So ... we have some great news!!

We are on the tail end of finalizing the songs and final mixing of the collaboration project that we have been working on with Dean Garcia, who many of you will recognize as the musical mastermind behind the band Curve.

This new collaborative project is called The Secret Meeting with "Ultrashiver" as the album title. We are SUPER excited!!! Thanks to artist Teodoru Badiu the artwork is ready, and it's all very surreal and otherworldly, with a playful feel.

We have a new MySpace page for The Secret Meeting up here...and we posted a couple of new songs. We hope that you enjoy. Please stop by...leave us a message and let us know you want to be pals.

We are hoping for a June release on our own label, Noiseplus Music!!

So there you have summer tunes on the way =)

Studio News

Studio News

As you may know, we have been busy in the studio for quite some time now working on the new Collide CD, as well as working on a collaboration project with Dean Garcia who is the musical side of the band Curve. We are extremely excited to be working with Dean, as Curve is a band that we both really love. What started as just a casual guest vocal, is now turning out to be a full-fledged album!! As soon as we all decide on a name, we will put up a Myspace and include some sound samples. We will be hoping to release this CD in the very near future and it will be released on our own label Noiseplus Music.

Creative News

Creative News

Let's see what else...tons of exciting things going on...

Still working on new music sent some fabulous new tracks from Dean Garcia (Curve), there is talk of possibly doing an EP together. kaRIN added a little vocal touch to close friend Monica Richard's (Faith & the Muse) upcoming solo CD.

The creative juices are certainly flowing...just not enough time in a day.

New album and collaborating

New album and collaborating

We're still in the middle of working on our new (still untitled) album. Like we've said before, working on a Collide album is never a fast process...there is still lots more work to do. There are about 21 song ideas on the table we will see what happens.

Other Creative Happenings

In other creative happenings, both kaRIN and myself have been working on a couple of songs with Dean Garcia of Curve. We aren't sure where these songs will be released, but at the moment, we're just going song by song, and everyone involved seems excited to work on more material.

kaRIN is also working on some vocals with Mike Fisher of Amish Rake Fight/ formally Machines and Loving Grace. Mike, for those who don't remember, did a great remix of Slither Thing, which appeared on Vortex, which incidentally started the whole Vortex remix ball rolling.