New Perfume

Thanks to Neil at Planetary Vapors who was kind enough to create a brand new scent for us. It is now up on the store. Be the first on your block to try it. He called it "Beneath The Skin." This is how he describes it...

" I created a scent for you inspired by your wonderful album, BENEATH THE SKIN!

BENEATH THE SKIN begins with a sudden burst of Yuzu! Yuzu is a sour Japanese citrus fruit, used largely for its zest. It has a euphoric aroma reminiscent of lemons or limes with a hint of grapefruit (Falling Up). A hint of Violet (Violet's Dance) adds an unusual twist (Strange). It is joined by Blackcurrant (Black) for an intriguing, fruity introduction. The Heart of the fragrance is a deep Fig Note (Deep) accented with Seamoss and Oakmoss (95&7). The warm, intoxicating, dreamy Dry Down (Dreams and Illusions) blends Amber and China Musk with hints of Patchouli and Incense (Have Faith) all resting on a precious Base of California Redwood (Pandora's Box)

All these ingredients collide to create an exotic, gender-neutral aroma that seems to emerge from Beneath The Skin"