Kaleidoscope Like the Hunted review

Now this is a true gem! One of my favourite bands, but they very rarely play live (though as theyre American my opportunities to see them would be zilch anyway) so on one of their incredibly rare shows they decided to film it for release. And here it is filmed at the El Rey in Los Angeles in 2005, the result is stunning. Very well filmed and directed, you really get the feel of the concert, and the sound is superb. Given that this was something like the bands 5th ever show, their style, presentation and delivery puts bands of far greater experience and financial backing to shame! Tracks from across their albums with some of their infamous cover versions including the radical reinterpretation of The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum fly past as this concert makes for compelling and highly enjoyable viewing. Apparently the DVD supports that multi-camera-angle button that sits idle on most remotes, but I couldnt get it to work! As for extras, again there is no shortcomings as after a typically mashed around interview presentation film we have two acoustic shots, two different live performances, and then 4 of their glorious video clips. Their videos are truly wonderful, combining the effects and contrasts of a Marilyn Manson video with their own fantasy world imagery part organic / part mechanical! So why they split these extras into two separate root menus is beyond me, and is the only thing about the whole package I wasnt keen on as it prevents a free flow of all the songs without having to faff about with the remote. But this tiny niggle aside, this has to be one of the best DVDs ever released by a band without major label bankrolling, and really does deserve to be in your collection you will not regret it! Very, very highly recommended! - Mike Francis