New album and collaborating

We're still in the middle of working on our new (still untitled) album. Like we've said before, working on a Collide album is never a fast process...there is still lots more work to do. There are about 21 song ideas on the table we will see what happens.

Other Creative Happenings

In other creative happenings, both kaRIN and myself have been working on a couple of songs with Dean Garcia of Curve. We aren't sure where these songs will be released, but at the moment, we're just going song by song, and everyone involved seems excited to work on more material.

kaRIN is also working on some vocals with Mike Fisher of Amish Rake Fight/ formally Machines and Loving Grace. Mike, for those who don't remember, did a great remix of Slither Thing, which appeared on Vortex, which incidentally started the whole Vortex remix ball rolling.