New Collide song in a film

With the help of Scott Landes on guitar, we have written a new song for an independent film called Dreamland. It is an emotive "feel good" kind of song called 'Utopia' which is featured at the resolve of the film.

“ Dreamland is the story of a young woman who has taken care of everyone around her but ultimately learns to take care of herself. It is also the story of how those whose lives she touched must find the strength to let her go. "

" The film centers around an eighteen-year-old Audrey who lives in Dreamland, a small cluster of mobile homes located somewhere in the middle of the vast, dusty desert of New Mexico. This tiny, sun-drenched oasis is also home to Audrey's best friend, Calista, who dreams of beauty pageants and love affairs while struggling with illness and fear of the future. Dependable, level-headed Audrey is equally uncertain about what the future holds. Surrounded by loved ones who need taking care of, including her devoted, agoraphobic father and the ethereal Calista, Audrey can't imagine a life away from the familiar open skies and languid pace of Dreamland. At the same time, her poetry reflects a deep longing for something more. The arrival of a teenage boy, spending a last summer with his family before college, awakens something in Audrey. Poised in the still, breathless moment between adolescence and adulthood, she must decide what sort of life she wants to lead.

First-time feature filmmaker Jason Matzner has crafted a deeply felt drama that boasts strong performances all around, particularly from Agnes Bruckner; her portrayal of Audrey is one of the highlights of this visually stunning and emotionally charged film."

Cast : Agnes Bruckner, Kelli Garner, John Corbett, Justin Long, Gina Gershon In further good news, the film has been accepted into the Sundance Film festival.