The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver"

So ... we have some great news!!

We are on the tail end of finalizing the songs and final mixing of the collaboration project that we have been working on with Dean Garcia, who many of you will recognize as the musical mastermind behind the band Curve.

This new collaborative project is called The Secret Meeting with "Ultrashiver" as the album title. We are SUPER excited!!! Thanks to artist Teodoru Badiu the artwork is ready, and it's all very surreal and otherworldly, with a playful feel.

We have a new MySpace page for The Secret Meeting up here...and we posted a couple of new songs. We hope that you enjoy. Please stop by...leave us a message and let us know you want to be pals.

We are hoping for a June release on our own label, Noiseplus Music!!

So there you have summer tunes on the way =)