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You know... when you are making an album... locked in your studio for a year or so...pouring all your passion into it and basically giving it all you have and not letting it go until you feel that it is the best that you can possibly make it....then there is the moment when you finally let it go ...of wondering what others will think.

Thanks to everyone who has left messages on the The Secret Meeting MySpace etc. It always means a lot to us to hear from you.

Here are the first of the reviews coming in for The Secret Meeting. Our thanks and appreciation to the reviewers involved who took their time and energy to listen to the album and write their thoughts.

ReGen Magazine

"Some may find it a dubious pairing as many have described Collide as an American version of Curve, indicating some sense of redundancy. However, Ultrashiver is anything but; the songs hook you in as well as anything by either band, from the catchy melodies to the supercool electronica to the down-and-dirty rock vibe that permeates throughout.--thanks to Ilker Yücel

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"The Secret Meeting album Ultrashiver is by no means an album of throw-away tracks that didn’t make it into a Collide project. Instead there’s a complex and underlying statement within some strangely beautiful dream realm, some surrealist vision painted with the lyrics that warp and weave between the collage of artwork and the arrangement of the tracks."--thanks to Wes

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"this album seems like some kind of an erotic lullaby, of course with resplendant dark edges intact."--Thanks to Steven Hurst

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Morpheus Music

"The Secret Meeting don't play with obvious melodies, preferring instead a driving intensity threaded through with sensual moodiness - electrodes connected directly to tissue, a nocturnal shroud draped over everything, an ethereal light shafting through storm clouds."--Thanks to Paul Jury

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"A wonderfully and good album and recommended to those who love adventurous alternative music with a fair amount of electronics in which darkwave, dreampop, triphop and industrial meet each other."-- Thanks to TekNoir

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kaRIN and Statik of Collide fame join forces with Dean Garcia (Curve) to get together on this new project. Energetic alternative pop is blended with airy industrial dance along with ethereal melodies and blissful arrangements are what makes “Ultrashiver” really outshine everyone else. Rich textures and darkwave atmospheres percolate the Secret Meeting into an out-of-this-world combo that is completely intoxicating. Beautiful!--thanks to J-Sin

YAEW (France)

"The Secret Meeting laid an exceptionally gifted child, already brilliant. What tops will reach it while growing?!"-- thanks to Jean-Marc Ligny

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