Shooting Laser Beams CD Super Single

We finally have The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" CD super single for you. "Shooting Laser Beams" is the second single from the album Ultrashiver, and clocks in with over 64 minutes of music.

The single also includes the song "Deep Freeze", a bass-heavy, previously unreleased song.

Also included is a remix of "Blacker Than Blue" by the Humble Brothers. (The Humble Brothers for those who don't know, include Ken Marshall, responsible for many of the Skinny Puppy mixes over the years, as well as remixes for tons of artists from Lincoln Park to Rammstein).

The remixes included on this single range from dancefloor ready club to industrial, ambient, downtempo, and a few in between.

We handpicked these remixes from over a hundred that were turned in. Thanks to the remixers involved. If you liked Collide's Vortex album, you will surely love this.

A special acoustic version of "Shooting Laser Beams" is also included. This special version has a newly recorded vocal and Rogerio de Silva on acoustic guitar.

Here is the full tracklisting...

  • 1. Shooting Laser Beams (Aspersion-Carsondayradio Mix)
  • 2. Shooting Laser Beams (Unfrozen in Time Mix)
  • 3. Shooting Laser Beams (DJOs In Memoriam Mix)
  • 4. Blacker Than Blue (The Humble Brothers Mix)
  • 5. Shooting Laser Beams (Hypersilent Kryptonite Bullets Mix)
  • 6. Shooting Laser Beams (Outer Limits Mix)
  • 7. Shooting Laser Beams (Throes v.3 Mix)
  • 8. Deep Freeze (previously unreleased)
  • 9. Shooting Laser Beams (Float Like a Butterfly Mix)
  • 10. Shooting Laser Beams (Into the Future-Dimension-Al Mix)
  • 11. Shooting Laser Beams (Acoustic Mix)
  • 12. Shooting Laser Beams (Radio Edit)

We have added a full Secret Meeting 3 pack special, which includes the album Ultrashiver, as well as both singles, Shiver X, and Shooting Laser Beams at a special price. This 3 pack also includes an 11x17 glossy poster of the Ultrashiver cover.