Interviews/Podcasts for The Secret Meeting

Interviews/Podcasts for The Secret Meeting

Alterati Interview

Read it here... or listen to it here on The G Spot...-- Thanks to Wes

Remix Contest

We are just now going through all the remixes that were sent in for the upcoming release of 'Shooting Laser Beams'. Thanks so much to all the remixers involved for taking your time, effort and passion to do a remix for us.!!! We love hearing all the different versions. We will be going through and making an announcement when we can, however just to let you know it will still be a little while before the single will be released.

Radio Stations

We just sent a big mailing of 'Ultrashiver' out to 250 College Stations, so most stations should have the CD and some might even play it =).

Please do us a favor call your favorite radio station and request it. Let them know you want them to play it...every bit helps really.

Hidden Sanctuary

Thanks to the people behind the Mike V of Hidden Sanctuary who spends his time and enegy to help expose underground music purely for the love of music. Thanks Mike it means a lot to all of us...go listen to the station...there are many great artists to discover....tell Mike we said hi.

The Music World Today

So now if you really have bothered to read this far...your probably thinking wow...they must be,selling tons of CDs...well the answer is not good. Seems like people are not bothering to buy CDs much any more...the whole industry is changing....look around at the schools... art and music is going away. It's starting to feel a little dismal...if we do not find a way to speak up and help suport art and music it will become a thing of the past. It will become increasingly impossible for us, or any other artist to continue and pay all the expenses involved in releasing music. Also, support those people, magazines, clubs and radio stations and websites who do the hard work to expose underground music. If you enjoy an artists music, any artist and you have been able to enjoy it for free...find a way to give back. If this has meaning to you in our can buy something...anything here...a t-shirt...a poster...a sticker even.

Secret Reviews

Secret Reviews

You know... when you are making an album... locked in your studio for a year or so...pouring all your passion into it and basically giving it all you have and not letting it go until you feel that it is the best that you can possibly make it....then there is the moment when you finally let it go ...of wondering what others will think.

Thanks to everyone who has left messages on the The Secret Meeting MySpace etc. It always means a lot to us to hear from you.

Here are the first of the reviews coming in for The Secret Meeting. Our thanks and appreciation to the reviewers involved who took their time and energy to listen to the album and write their thoughts.