Saints & Sinners sale

For the next month (until June 15th) we are having a contest for Saints & Sinners which is the line of handmade accessories and clothing designed by kaRIN and handmade here at the studio. We are looking for some new artwork that we love. We know that lots of you are creative and we want to see what you can do. There are no restrictions, it could be Collide related, or not.

The winner will be chosen and we will make you a custom Saints & Sinners shirt, or ID case (your choice) and your artwork will be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

So send us your artwork entry here.

If it is something that we absolutely love (we are fussy) and would like to possibly add on to the line, we will ask you if we can license it from you and pay you $200 in trade from the Noiseplus store, or make $200 in special custom pieces for you.

Meanwhile in time for summer...Saints & Sinners girls tank tops and boys T-shirts are on sale for an extra special price. This will be for a limited time.