Bite Me, Radio-Active-Music, The Triskelion Society

We're still working hard on getting the word out there about "Two Headed Monster". We put three new reviews up on our reviews page from Bite Me, Radio-Active-Music, and The Triskelion Society.

If you've already got your copy, then tell your friends to get it. Tell your grandma, tell your hamster, tell your favorite dominatrix. Post a blog somewhere...we really appreciate all of your help.

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"...some of the band's best work to date, "Two Headed Monster" offers some of their most intricately written songs, while still maintaining that classic Collide sound."-Radio-Active-Music

"The fourth studio release from, the appropriately dubbed “darkwave” band, Collide is a must have for your scene music collection. Industrial sounds and melodic rhythms by Statik blended with the often haunting, never disappointing vocals of kaRIN form the perfect audio soundtrack (minus some sounds of pain of course) for your next bondage and flogging scene."-The Triskelion Society