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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Noiseplus Music Store update

While we've been taking a bit of a break from making new music, we've still both been making things. It's what we do!

There's tons of new things our store. There are LOTS of new items in kaRIN's Saints & Sinners section, (lots of new product photos, new purses, new images for the t-shirts and purses, and other cool hardware for some of the items.)

We've also permanently lowered the price on all Collide CDs and downloads.

There's even a One-of-a-Kind Collide Ouija coffee table that we made, and we've been using in our studio.

Feel free to take a look around.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

deVour Magazine Interview

We have a new interview in deVour Magazine. It's a great magazine (200+ pages), with great photography, devoted to Beauty, Art, & Fashion. It's available online, or as a hard copy.
Check it out!!

Here is a pdf of our little interview. Thanks to Toi Green (Lasha) for the interview!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Still alive

We just wanted everyone to know that even though we haven't posted any news here, we're still alive...working on a few things here and there.

...so don't count us out. We aren't dead.

It's probably best to follow us on Facebook to make sure we don't pop a clog.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Abolute Grrls Manifesto video trailer

Here's a 35 minute video trailer for the "Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1] 4 CD Box.

We're track 3 on the first CD! Full information is here on the Alfa Matrix website:

We're offering it for sale from our site also. We're signing all copies from our store for free.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We are happy to announce that one of our songs, "Chaotic" (Oxidized) - Remixed by DJO2, from "Bent and Broken" will be appearing on the upcoming compilation "Absolute Grrrls Manifesto". It's a 4 CD set. There's so much to this release that it's best to see their mini-site dedicated to this release

"Absolute Grrrls Manifesto" is the ultimate anthology of female fronted bands from the alternative / underground music scene and its various subgenres (gothic metal, new wave, industrial, pop rock, electro, synth pop, EBM, techno...). This 4CDs collection (plus a 40-song additional soundcard) presents an unbelievable 111 (!!) bands in a deluxe carton box with an extensive 32-page booklet featuring the splendid design of Oliver Haecker (bastart-worx.de) with photos from all featured bands and an essay about the place of women in the music industry.

Featuring a real, "who is who" artist selection amongst the greatest female vocalists active in the scene across the world, it is clear to see why this compilation has been qualified by many as the ultimate anthology of female voices from the dark gothic / industrial / electro scene! ALL together to defend our beloved music scene and prove that the female gender from our alternative scene has much to offer in quality, emotion and diversity!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Collide Instrumentals

We've been working on something rather exciting lately. We've been going back through all of our computer back-ups, tape back-ups, DATs, old files, and old computers.

We've compiled instrumental versions of our entire album collection. This also includes our Secret Meeting album and singles. On most of the albums, we have also included an unreleased song, or remix. As far as we know, this isn't anything that any band has ever done, as far as an entire catalog of music goes.

The best part? Each download is only $4.99. These will only be available on our own store, Noiseplus Music.

We've also put up our original demo of The Crimson Trial, which was previously only available on long lost cassette versions.

The complete list of new downloads are:

1. The Crimson Trial
2. Beneath the Skin - Instrumentals
3. Distort - Instrumentals (Includes instrumental versions of both "Beneath the Skin (Constrictor Mix) & "Beneath the Skin" (Pulse MIx), both of which both original versions were only available on the Skin EP, and "Deep" (Guitar Only) (a previously unreleased Mix)
4. Chasing the Ghost - Instrumentals
5. Some Kind of Strange - Instrumentals (Includes the previously unreleased instrumental track "Rebuilt", which was recorded during the Some Kind of Strange recording sessions
6. Vortex - Instrumentals - (Includes the previously unreleased mix of "Somewhere" (Solara's Place) remixed by Statik)
7. Two Headed Monster - Instrumentals (Includes the previously unreleased instrumental track "Cherry", which was recorded during the Some Kind of Strange recording sessions
8. The Secret Meeting Ultrashiver - Instrumentals
9. The Secret Meeting Shiver X - Instrumentals - (Includes four new non-instrumental mixes; "Piano Perception Mix" by Tweaker Ray, "Heavenly Creatures' Cellar Mix" by Doctor Ohm, "Naked Highway Mix" by Sy Boccari, and "Dariusz Kujawa Mix" by Kujawa (Bane))
10. Shooting Laser Beams - Instrumentals

and also previously available:

11. These Eyes Before - Instrumental and Acapella
12. Counting to Zero - Instrumental and Acapella
13. Bent and Broken - Instrumentals

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Side Line review Bent and Broken

Side Line reviews Bent and Boken. Thanks to Elise Din for the review. Check it out here.

...Over now to the remixes on the 1st disc. There are several remarkable and even outstanding pieces. The remix of “Mind Games” by Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key and Ken Marshall is a slow opener, but with deep resonating vibes and again the essential, sensual vocals of kaRIN. The “Great Apes Mix” of “In The Frequency” is more into solid guitar riffs, showing a real transposition of the original song. The Black Sheep also did a good job with the remix of “Pure Bliss”. It’s a kind of ghost-like version with a great progression. But the best remix is the one by Statik himself! He deserves the award of best remix on this disc for “Mind Games”. It sounds pretty industrial-dub like while I also like a kind of scratching sound treatment. Statik contributed to some other remixes as well and in the end it all becomes clear that you can’t be better served than by yourself!

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