New Stuff + Old Stuff

We haven't posted anything to the Collide news page in a while, but that's only because we've been busy in the studio. We have narrowed in on the new songs and now have 11 or 12 that we are sure will make it to the final cut. All in all, they are probably 80% done (except for mixing). cEvin Key has played drums on one song, and a majority or programming, vocals, and guitar are finished. We are very happy with how it is all turning out. We are hoping to be done in Sept. for a release later in the year, but we still haven't decided on a title or artwork yet.

Old Stuff

In other news, we have come across some of our pre Beneath the Skin releases. We have 25 cassette copies of "The Crimson Trial", and 200 vinyl copies of Statik's "Machines". The cassettes are a full colour fold out sleeve, and contain some mixes that were done before Beneath the Skin was released, as well as some mixes that were never released anywhere else. The Statik "Machines" contains 4 songs that have not been released since it originally came out. All copies will be hand numbered and signed. For more information, check our online store.