Skinny Puppy Reborn/New Collide

Statik has been working with the pups on the reformation of Skinny Puppy. Here is a quote from the Litany web site... The news of Skinny Puppy's reformation, which Ogre casually mentioned in his post a few days ago (see below), has started to spread. has picked it up and reported on it in a story here. The story erroneously mentions that Dave Ogilvie will be involved in the reunion. This is not the case. features another brief story here.

With the hectic fervor surrounding this news, a lot of confusion as to what is going on has already proliferated. Here's the straight scoop from cEvin himself."Actually me, Omar, and Statik are working on new SP with Ogre and Mark Walk. We will probably do some tracks with friends joining...including Ken."So there you have it. New Skinny Puppy material featuring both cEvin and Ogre is in the early, generative stages. If you're wondering who the additional people mentioned above are, here's the rundown. Omar Torres is one of the new faces at Subcon who worked on The Ghost of Each Room and is part of the software company Native Instruments . Mark Walk is Ogre's collaborator on the ohGr project who first came into the fold back during the Process sessions. Ken Marshall is a long-time Puppy associate who worked in an engineering and production capacity on a number of recordings, most recently the Ogre/cEvin collaboration Frozen Sky. Finally, Statik is the man behind the music of Collide (whom cEvin did a remix for).

New Collide Album

Meanwhile, Collide is still working on, and refining songs for the new album, which is still unnamed at this time. We have somewhere around 15 songs that are in some form of being finished. We're very happy with how the songs are progressing, but there is still more work for us to do. We'll keep everyone posted...