Cruise cancelled

We are very sad to announce that the 2006 Annual Gothic Cruise and Masquerade Ball will be cancelled this year, due to circumstances beyond our control. This is very unfortunate and we are extremely disappointed and apologize to anyone else that was also looking forward to this event.

It seems you just can't argue with Mother Nature.

Anyway, all deposits are completely refundable through Goth Travel and Zaida at To anyone who had a confirmed booking reservation for the 2006 Cruise, and is also on our mailing list already we will be happy to send a free DVD (one per cabin).

If you are one of these people, please write to us directly at collide with your mailing address to receive a free copy of "Like the Hunted" when it is ready. So... the good news is... as soon as we finish up with the final details of the DVD, we plan to get back in the studio to work on some new material.

Maybe we'll write a dark song about drowning ourselves in the ocean...oh we already did that... off to listen to "Ocean" from Chasing the Ghost.