These Eyes Before

Collide Instrumentals

Collide Instrumentals

We've been working on something rather exciting lately. We've been going back through all of our computer back-ups, tape back-ups, DATs, old files, and old computers.

We've compiled instrumental versions of our entire album collection. This also includes our Secret Meeting album and singles. On most of the albums, we have also included an unreleased song, or remix. As far as we know, this isn't anything that any band has ever done, as far as an entire catalog of music goes.

These Eyes Before special downloads

These Eyes Before special downloads

We've put up a couple of new download items on our store. Each is only $4.99. One contains instrumental versions of all of the songs from "These Eyes Before", and one contains Acapella (vocal only) versions.

Each download contains a special "bonus" track. One has an Angelic Mix of Creep, and the other has an Orchestral Mix of Comfortably Numb.

Maybe you want to listen to kaRIN without any of Statik's noise getting in the way, maybe you want to sing along to the songs without kaRIN's vocals getting in the way? Either way, we have something here for you. Enjoy!!

Side Line Review

Side Line Review

We have a new review up at SideLine. They seemed to like These Eyes Before, and gave it an 8. "These Eyes Before” is an album that will surprise numerous fans of the band and even music lovers who aren’t that familiar with Collide!" You can read the original review here, or check it out, along with others on our site here.

More New Reviews for These Eyes Before

More New Reviews for These Eyes Before

In addition to Side Line, we've also recently received reviews from

Bite Me "kaRIN’s vocal interpretations breathes new life into each phrase, and Statik's technical wizardry creates the tapestry that weaves these songs together. "

Music Artery, "Collide’s talent shines with silky vocals and multi-faceted soundscapes creating a cavalcade of entirely unique and new experiences, melding both past and present audio delights beautifully. " and

Electronic Music Mall. "Managing to redefine music that everyone knows so well is no small feat - yet kaRIN does an excellent job, managing to make the songs her own"

If you're on the fence on whether or not to pick up a copy for yourself, check out the reviews and decide for yourself.

Happy Halloween!! These Eyes Before is released!!

Happy Halloween!! These Eyes Before is released!!

What's not to love about Halloween?...everyone running around trying to live up to their dreams,or trying to be someone else.

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than releasing our latest baby...These Eyes Before.

Thanks so much to those of you who have ordered, we DEEPLY appreciate it.

We were on a crazy packing mission to ship all that we could before the release that you could get it as soon as possible.

Many of you should have it now, or very soon, and we hope you LOVE it.

To those of you who have not ordered yet...what are you waiting for?

Stop by the Noiseplus store for details =).

Sneeky Peak

Sneeky Peak

We posted a little teaser up for our new CD on our video page
...check it out and let us know what you think.

Thanks to the always amazing Dave Keffer for secretly taping us during the photoshoot and for putting the sneak peek together.

We also posted the winners to the contest...check it out on either the Forum, or on MySpace.

Stay tuned for more details... all will be revealed very soon =).

Guess What Songs??

Guess What Songs??

Hello there,

As you may or may not know, we're about to release a brand new CD. We have kept the details a secret until now...

For the last year or so, we have been hard at work on a cover album full of songs that we love.

The album is getting soooo close to being done now.

We are planning a Halloween release, (if we can finish up the last few things in time)!!

We thought we would have a little contest, and offer some prizes.

So here is the deal...

Guess which 10 songs and artists that we have covered, and the entries that come the closest to figuring it out will win.

Hint: The cover album is 10 songs (one artist we choose two songs from).

What will you win?

Grand prize: $50 credit from the Noiseplus Store,(includes Saints & Sinners).
Runner up prize: $25 credit from Noiseplus.
Third Prize: A signed copy of the brand new CD.
Fourth Prize: A signed copy of the brand new CD.
Fifth Prize: A signed copy of the brand new CD.

Play along and have some fun with it.

Here is how...

Post publicly so other people can see your entry...either on Myspace, our Forum, or on Facebook what 10 songs you think might be on the album. Enter as many times as you want. List the song choice and the artist.

Depending on how things go...we may offer a hint or two.

We will keep the contest going until we are ready to announce it which will be in the next week or so.

Ready set go!!


Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy

If you haven't been keeping up with us on our Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace sites, you've been missing out on a lot of what we've been up to for the most part of this year.


We've been busy working on a new album, which we're hoping to release sometime near the end of October. More details to follow very soon. Mixing is completed on all but 1 song!

We just did a photo shoot last week with our good friend Dave Keffer, who has helped us at different times with everything from artwork to photos and videos, to our website makeover last year.

Here is a sneak peek from the shoot

Lots more news and surprises to follow soon, so sign up for our mailing list/newsletter on our site. For our daily updates, check our social networking sites above. We've been pretty good Twitterers, and kaRIN's even posted a picture or two from her iPhone.

(photo to the left courtesy of Heidi Wright)