A Model of Control picks "Mind + Matter" in 2018 Best Of

A Model of Control has picked Mind + Matter for their 2018 Best of List

It has become pretty much expected that Collide will release a remix album after each album nowadays – but what is remarkable to me is just how good each of them are. Collide have a very distinct style – guitar-assisted industrial darkwave with Karin’s ethereal vocals floating across the mix – so what is often obvious is that a desire to do something different really brings out the best in the remixers. Their smart habit of opening out the remixes to pretty much anyone that wants to do them – which often includes amateur musicians who might be just fans of the band – also means that there is an amazing variety in the output, and it also does the additional service of giving a “leg up” to these smaller artists, too. That said, there are certain moments worthy of particular note, particularly the Blue Stahli rework of Freaks Me Out, whose savage, anthemic take is easily the best Collide remix released since Vortex fourteen years ago.