Thanks to you we made it!

Okay you super wonderful people…with your help we did it!!!

We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you for wanting to be part of our musical journey!!

To us making music is like our own personal art piece, and each detail and every sound is important. It is our labor of love and requires hundreds and hundreds of hours of time to make something that we are happy enough to let go of.

The fact that we have now made this goal will now help us pay for the album expenses, and tells us that people still do care enough about our music to be supportive, which means everything to us!

Currently, we are just beginning the mixing stage which should take a couple of weeks, after which time we will get the album mastered. We are still working on album artwork, and deciding on a title for the album. Hopefully that will be revealed in one of our next updates =). There are 11 songs, we can tell you that!!

Until next time, we can’t wait to share it with you!

Please continue to help us get the word out there…it’s not over until the album is done and we appreciate all of the support that we can get!! (Until the album is finished, everyone is still able to pledge to see any of our past updates, and get any of the items in our PledgeMusic store, including downloads, T-Shirts, and getting your name or picture on the artwork. )

Okay back to mixing now.


kaRIN & Statik