Brutal Resonance CTZ review

Thanks to Peter Marks from Brutal Resonance for another review on Counting to Zero. some of our favorite review snippits..."(kaRIN's vocals are) like a mercurial stream of glimmering diamonds...No seriously, shut your mouth and listen."

“Be prepared to drop the tempo and soak in a luxurious mixture of atmospheres, guitars, loops, and that voice. Oh that voice. This release has the same tactile sense of smoke languidly curling up into the still air from a 30s movie starlet lounging about at some off the strip bar waiting for a moment's peace from the chaos of public life. You sit and watch it rise and as it merges with the surroundings, there is a sense of beautiful symmetry which cuts through the haze: you have been here before but it is never the same and it never will be.

Many times on here, the backdrop of Statik's arrangements are drawn back to the barest hints of a song in order to let kaRIN's vocals shine through and shine they do. Like a mercurial stream of glimmering diamonds caught by the prospecter's eye amidst all the dust and dirt, she speaks and sings in ways I had not expected.