Bent and Broken (slight delay)


OK, so we know everyone is probably wondering...wasn't Bent and Broken supposed to be released already? What's taking so long??

Well we hit a snag while getting the artwork for the CD printed. We went in to the printers to check the proofs, and to be honest the artwork just wasn't right. The colors shifted a bit, and the whole thing seemed a little dark. Could we have lived with it, and just let them go ahead with the printing? Sure, but that's not really how we operate at camp Collide.

We could blame the calibration of our monitors, or maybe it's the printing color profile that the printers use, or who knows? The bottom line is, we just want the artwork to be right. So, at this point we have turned over the artwork to someone who specializes in printing, and color correction. We hope to have the artwork back on track and back to the printer this week.

A new release date of Oct. 30th. has been set. Of course, if anyone has pledged through Kickstarter, or ordered it from our store, we're going to send those copies to you as soon as we have them in our hot little hands!!

Meanwhile, pre-orders are still happening through our store, so please help in spreading the word.

kaRIN & Statik