Bent and Broken

We've been a little silent with any news coming out of the Collide camp lately, but don't think it's because we haven't been busy. It's just because we've been in the studio making lots of new things for you.


The big news is that our remix album is coming along, and is in the final stages of being completed! The title of the album is Bent and Broken. It features songs from both Counting to Zero, as well as Two Headed Monster. We aren't going to give away all of our secrets yet, but the album is going to be a double CD, (or extra big download) with 26 tracks.


If you hadn't heard, we had a remix contest going on during the past few months, and we got a ton of amazing tracks in from all over the world--from bands, to established remixers, to first time remixers, and everything in between. We really must thank everyone who entered, and took the time to try their hand at remixing. It was really difficult to pick the winners, but we know that you are going to love this release as much as we do!

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting who the remix contest winners are, so here they are:

Alyssa Finnivan, Aaron McDonald, Antigen5, Diffuzion, DJ02, Eric Fisher (Tapping the Vein), iNGRUO, Katarrhaktes, LgVela, M Gatos, Matt "n30fr05t" Gatsos, Psych-Nein, Synkraft, The Black Sheep Project, Tom Gipson, Vinnie Saletto featuring DJ Forensic, and Whitney Kew.

(round of applause here!!!)

We have some other special remixers that have done mixes for the album, and we'll be including some other special tracks, but we'll save that news for next time, so stay tuned for that as well as well as a full track list.