Let the pre-sales begin!!!

Wooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

After the last year, and hundreds and hundreds of hours, some blood, some sweat and a few tears, we are very pleased to announce that These Eyes Before is now available for pre-sales at the Noiseplus store.

It will begin shipping on, or before the Halloween release date.

Besides our new CD and pre-sale specials, we have a bunch of cool new stuff available!!

Vinyl: yes that's right we are printing vinyl!! These Eyes Before is available in a limited edition clear vinyl. Good old vinyl...big sleeve, big sound.

A new These Eyes Beforeposter

(a folded signed copy comes with all pre-sale orders)

2 new super cool limited edition t-shirt designs

A brand new category called Special Packages where you can do fun things like go out to dinner with us, come to the studio, create with us, or go biking with Statik.

Lastly, and only for a short while, we have lowered the price of all of our other Collide CDs, and our DVD in case their is anything else you want to pick up at the same time.

Your help...anything you can do... and anyone you can tell is deeply appreciated.