Keyboard Magazine

So I was paging through our March issue of Keyboard Magazine, and discovered a new review for "Two Headed Monster". It was a great surprise. Keyboard Magazine has always been very supportive, so thanks to everyone there.

"This is one monster worth tangling with."-Keyboard Magazine

Singer/lyricist kaRIN and producer Statik have been working hard since they were featured in these pages in June '06, and their efforts have paid off. Dark and dreamy, Collide's latest goth-tinged album Two Headed Monster brings to mind the work of Garbage, Sneaker Pimps, and Evanescence. From the frenetic drum grooves of "Spaces in Between" to the bubbling and soaring synths on "Head Spin," the band's tracks make excelent alchemy of kaRIN's floating vocals and Statik's gritty soundscapes. And even though the album carries more than a touch of menace, there's enough pop and dance influence here to keep things fun and sexy. This in one monster worth tangling with. -Michael Gallant.