Into the Future...Collide on NCIS

We are starting 2009 with a BANG!!!

We have some GREAT news... our song "Head Spin" from Two Headed Monster has been included on the NCIS Soundtrack!!!.

NCIS is currently the #1 TV series in the US with 20 million viewers per week. NCIS has used Collide's music in Abby's lab since the inception of the show, so we are super thrilled to be included on the soundtrack.

The soundtrack is a 2 disc CD. Disc two features music from Abby's Lab. Abby (Pauley Perrette), is the ultra loveable perky goth, who works in the forensics lab and listens to cool music, including Collide.

All of the music on the soundtrack is set for prominent placement in NCIS episodes beginning in January. You can hear Collide on the show on Tuesday Jan 6th 8pm ET/PT. At the end of the show they will announce the music featured on that nights show.

The NCIS website is very cool and interactive with the entire track listing, NCIS Soundtrack News, Artists Bios, 90 second clips of each song, links to fan sites and artists websites, and song lyrics available for those songs with vocals.

The soundtrack is now available on Amazon for Pre-Order.

Here is the track listing:

Disc: 1

1. Kangaroo Cry (Blue October)

2. Even Now (Dashboard Confessional)

3. After All (Saving Abel)

4. No Matter What (Jakob Dylan)

5. Troubled Land (John Mellencamp)

6. Boy With The Blues (Oasis)

7. Things Have Changed (Bob Dylan)

8. Tomorrow Still Comes (Will Dailey)

9. Peppermint & Glue (Sharon Little)

10. Mama Song (Keaton Simons)

See all 12 tracks on this disc

Disc: 2 (Abbys Lab)

1. NCIS Theme Remix (Ministry)

2. No Shelter (Seether)

3. Nasty Little Perv (Perry Farrell)

4. Love Is Like (Skold vs. KMFDM)

5. I Don't Want To Be On TV (The Airborne Toxic Event)

6. Promises (Nitzer Ebb)

7. Fear (Stop Making Friends (Pauley Perrette))

8. Hole Solution (Android Lust)

9. Head Spin (Collide)

10. Satellite 2009 (Solamingus)