3 more great reviews

During this past week we've received 3 more great reviews for Two Headed Monster. Check the full reviews here on our reviews page. Thanks to Jen of Stratosphere Fanzine, Gregory S. Burkart of Fear net, and Peter Marks of Release Magazine for the reviews.

Delusions of Adequacy

"This is Collide’s most lush, warm, and accomplished album to date, with a atmospheric mix of rough and raw guitar sounds and flowing beats, electronics, and vocals."-Jen Stratosphere Fanzine"

Fear net

"Another common thread among these songs – and one of the band's consistent strengths – is the seamless integration of multiple layers of sound. With heavy drumming and robust bass pinning down the low end, and kaRIN's vocals occupying the top of the sonic spectrum, there's a lot of room for intricate guitar licks and noise-rock synth mayhem in the frequencies between. Statik's production skills just get better and better with each effort...-Gregory S. Burkart, Fear.net

Release Magazine

"Precision, yes. Craftmanship, absolutely. Collide's fourth album delivers an overwhelming knock-out....Collide return to the world with their new work wrought delicately in the darkest of desires. I swear I can almost hear angels weeping while listening to this."-Peter Marks, Release Magazine