Litany review +Tear Garden news

Corey from Litany (the Skinny Puppy news site) sent us this review he put up recently. Besides the review, you'll find some news on the upcoming Tear Garden release. Thanks again to Cory for helping us out.

With so much news from the ohGr camp lately and the info from cEvin about Subcon's 2009 plans I posted yesterday, it's easy to forget that there's a lot of great music coming out from related artists as well. Beehatch's second release is on its way, Phil Western has released his second fantastic Kone album, Justin Bennett is featured on the new Bahntier, and the Legendary Pink Dots have just put out a magnificent record in Plutonium Blonde.

Not to be outdone, Collide have just released their first album in a number of years, Two Headed Monster. You might recall that both members of the band have contributed to Puppy related albums and cEvin Key was featured on their last full-length. Lead singer kaRIN is also slated to appear on the upcoming Tear Garden release. Collide's new album is an impressively diverse mixture, the sound invigorated by the inclusion of live guitar, bass, and drums (the latter supplied on a few tracks by none other than Tool's Danny Carey). Chaotic, featuring Dean Garcia of Curve, pounds intensely in the space between the dance floor and the pit while A Little Too Much throbs with a 90s-Bowie-esque groove. Spaces in Between is breakbeat gone epic. It could've fit in nicely on Greater Wrong of the Right. Head Spin stands out with some delightfully retro synths riding atop a bassline from that spot where Graham Central Station and ELO met at the corner of Welt. The electronic and live instrumentation on this album mesh with kaRIN's ethereal voice to form a sound that includes dashes of industrial, goth, glam, and shoegaze yet is altogether new. Two Headed Monster is available here on Noiseplus.