Collide release Two Headed Monster

We are thrilled to present Two Headed Monster. The official release date is September 23rd. Pre-sale starts now!!!! The first 200 people to order from our store also get a free signed poster of the album. Aside from the two of us, some of our friends were kind enough to lend their talents to the CD, including Danny Carey from TOOL and Dean Garcia of Curve, as well as all of the Collide live band, Rogerio Silva, Kai Kurosawa, Scott Landes, and Chaz Pease. We look forward to sharing it with you and the rest of the world. Please help us get the news out.

Noiseplus Music Downloads

We're been working hard lately adding a few new features to our online of them being music downloads. We know sometimes you just can't all of our albums, including The Secret Meeting cds are available on the store. Two Headed Monster will be available for download on the official release date Sept 23rd.

You can purchase an entire album for $9.99 or just one song for $.99. The songs are all MP3s at 192k and DRM free, meaning they don't have copy protection. A digital booklet is included with your purchase when you get an entire album.

Also...we know we don't need to mention it, (but we're going to anyway) we'd appreciate it if people wouldn't upload any of our songs to any file sharing sites...this includes YouTube, your MySpace site and anything else out there.


We've worked hard on Two Headed Monster, (and all of our other albums), and want people to know that file-sharing does hurt artists. So please don't do it.

CD Specials

If you didn't know it yet, our store offers a whole bunch of different CD specials. It's a buy 2 cds and get a deal kind of thing. So, for example, if you were thinking about getting Two Headed Monster, and never picked up our Ultrashiver release from last year, then pick them both up for about 20% off of the individual price. Cool huh?

The Massive Poster Pack (Autographed)

We've put together a new massive poster pack, with posters from Two Headed Monster, Chasing the Ghost, Some Kind of Strange, Distort, and Ultrashiver. All posters in the Massive Poster pack will be signed by both kaRIN & Statik. They are frameable, 11" x 17" glossy prints. The pack of posters is available for only $20 which is 1/3 off of the individual prices and each one is signed!