Chasing the ghost is done. We will be updating our databases, so if you feel that you should be receiving a promo please let us know your details so that we can update your info.

Release Parties

We are also in the process of setting up release parties at the following places...

  • Pittsburgh--Ceremony-- Oct 28
  • Florida--The Castle--Fri. Oct. 27
  • Chicago--Nocturna--Oct 24
  • Kitchener, Waterloo (which is about an hour from Toronto)--Nov. 18 --
  • Halifax--Marquee--December 9
  • Boston-- Ceremony/ an tua nua--monday November 13
  • Los Angeles--Communion--Orsini's Nightclub--9575 Pico Blvd. Beverly Hills-- Dec. 17
  • New York--ZENWARP--at the Limelight, 47 W. 20th St 6th Ave --212/462-9343-- Jan 6
  • Toronto--Savage Garden-- FEB 16