New Collide album...Two Headed Monster

Finally an update on the new Collide CD. After three years of work, we are getting closer to the end. We can almost taste it. As you have probably realized with us by now, everything takes awhile. To us, the most important thing is to make something that we really believe in and that just takes time. The vocals are now complete and we are in the final stages. It always feels strange when you are coming to the end of something that you have worked a long time on... like something you do not want to let go... yet can't wait to let go of. It's not over yet...we still have some finishing up details to do, we will keep you updated.

It will be called... Two Headed Monster.

Lots more news to stay tuned.

Daily Thought, Picture, Progression Journal

We have started a daily thought... picture... progression journal to keep in touch with you more and let you know how the new album is progressing, and see what we see in our thoughts and vision of our daily lives.

So with all that in mind... we look forward to trying to post something daily.

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