Ritual Path

This is a very special DVD project done by our good friend Fritz Heede and his visual partner John Banks. It is beautiful visual journey that has the accompanying music of the very talented Fritz Heede, who is known for his exotic stylings and use of interesting instrumentation (Fritz played sitar on "Halo" from Chasing the Ghost). The DVD includes guest vocals by kaRIN of a new song written by Fritz and kaRIN, called LightSea. It also includes a little extra something they wrote together in the special features.

The DVD is described as a journey Into the Spirit of Nature, Ritual Path offers a positive vision of our inner travels in the world. Images from sacred sites around the globe are blended, enhanced and transformed with digital tools to create an immersive visual style that has the integrity of the real world and the boundless possibilities of the imagination.

The DVD features 10 dreamlike journeys and 15 looping environments for over 2 hours of sensory bliss all in 5.1 surround.

For those of you who have been around this earth for long enough to appreciate this, you may recognize another one of the guest vocalists on this DVD which is Jon Anderson of the group supergroup YES. YES was a one of the central creators of the epic, complex terrain of sound known in the 70s as Progressive Rock. Their music pushed the experimental boundaries of sound with symphonic complexity, exceptional musicianship and vocals filled with visionary and cosmic imagery.

is a clip of LightSea..enjoy the sights and sounds.

Available now in stores and at Amazon.com