Collide live

We're thrilled to announce that Collide is finally going live...

Here is a press release for Collide's first show written by promoter Patrick Rodgers...

Over the course of eleven years, the popular alternative band has kept fans happy with five fantastic full-length albums, all of which have received critical acclaim and impressive sales figures. Magazines around the world have written about Collide's recordings, praising their heady blend of electronic and industrial grooves with passionate, evocative female vocals. Admiring their photos (lush and sensual, like their music) as well as their sound, Gothic Beauty Magazine named Collide its Band of the Year for 2003. But even with everything that Collide has delivered, its fans have been patiently waiting for one more thing: a concert.

On October 31, 2004, that patience will be rewarded as Collide performs its first live show ever. With increasing demands from promoters in many countries and an ever-expanding fan base, the band finally had to make the time to prepare for live performances.

"During the past few months we've got together a great bunch of musicians to help fill out the live version of Collide, and have been busy with rehearsals. The songs are taking on a new life of their own. I think it's been a greater experience than either of us ever expected," say Statik

Collide's debut concert will take them from their Los Angeles homes across the country to Philadelphia, site of the country's largest gothic event, Dracula's Ball. Taking place four times per year, Dracula's Ball is produced by Dancing Ferret Concerts and has often played host to exclusive American debut concerts for popular European acts. "For the Labor Day Dracula's Ball this year, we'll be flying in Qntal from Germany for their exclusive American debut concert," says Patrick Rodgers of Dancing Ferret. "Flying in Collide from Los Angeles for a worldwide exclusive debut on Halloween is a no-brainer. People have been pleading with us for years to convince Collide to play a live show. This will be the hottest Halloween ticket in the country, without question."

The principle members of Collide, Statik and kaRIN, met in 1993 at a Los Angeles industrial club. Statik, who is responsible for all of the music and production, has lent his skills to such artists as Tool, Leonard Cohen, Love & Rockets, Powerman 5000 and Skinny Puppy, to name a few. kaRIN provides vocals and lyrics, and also has her own line of handmade, decorated metal cases called "Saints and Sinners." The duo chose the name Collide as a description of the clashing and melding of their styles and talents into a powerful whole.

Dracula's Ball takes place quarterly in Philadelphia and has been covered by numerous magazines and television programs. 2004 coverage has included Billboard Magazine, National Geographic Television, and German TV program Schattenreich. Dracula's Ball events feature live bands and DJs from around the world, as well as a mini-marketplace of vendors, other entertainers, door prizes, and more. Collide's exclusive worldwide debut concert will be part of the twenty-seventh Dracula's Ball event, which will take place at Egypt Nightclub, located at 520 N. Columbus Blvd. After considering many talented bands, Baltimore-based group Ego Likeness was ultimately selected as the opening act for this special debut concert. The group's blend of passionate rock and roll with smooth synths and emotive female vocals should certainly please fans of Collide. The band's second full-length release, "Water to the Dead," was recently released on Noir Records ("a gorgeous record," says veteran music critic Mick Mercer), while their debut disc, "Dragonfly," will be reissued this Fall. Reviewers have praised not only the band's varied musical arrangements, but also the group's ability to lyrically explore themes of damage and survival without being mired in despair. Egypt Nightclub boasts three separate dancefloors, all of which will be open for Dracula's Ball. On the main floor will be DJ Ian Fford, a veteran of numerous NYC venues including Webster Hall, Downtime, The Bank, Mother, and many more. DJ Kelly Ashkettle of Salt Lake City and DJ Rickbats of Champaign, IL will also appear.

The Halloween Dracula's Ball party featuring the worldwide exclusive debut of Collide takes place at Egypt Nightclub, located at 520 N. Columbus Blvd and happens from 9pm-2am. All ages are welcome; patrons wishing to drink alcohol must be 21+ with proper ID. Tickets are $15 in advance, available through Ticketmaster or, and go on sale Saturday, August 14th. Information on Collide's worldwide debut concert at the Dracula's Ball can be found at: