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The remix is in many ways an alternate universe where songs can take new life—or, in the worst case can be rendered an unintelligible mess (I can think of a few, but in fairness to the artists and remixers won’t mention them here). Sometimes a remix can even become more well-known than the original tune (think Todd Terry’s remix of Everything But the Girl’s hit “Missing”). The duo known as Collide put in their bid for remixed greatness with this double-disc set, Vortex.

There’s a little more to Vortex than just remixes, though. kaRIN and Statik treat us to three excellent covers: “Feed Me to the Lions” (originally by Adam and the Ants), “The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum” (by The Fun Boy Three) and a tremendous take on Love and Rockets’ “Haunted When the Minutes Drag”. Also included for posterity’s sake is their own remix of Front Line Assembly’s “Predator” which originally featured on FLA’s Re-wind remix compilation.

Vortex features tracks from their Chasing the Ghost and Some Kind of Strange albums, remixed by a wide array of well-knowns (Charlie Clouser, Mark Walk and Rhys Fulber to name but a few) and newcomers (Oleg Skrynnik, Kevin Kipnis and the list goes on). It is significant to note that the mixes on Vortex never once betray the intent of the original versions: even then there is a considerable stylistic move away from the music of the original (like the , it doesn’t sound mismatched. Personal favorites include the Sensory Gate Aura Mix of “Halo”, the Amish Rake Fight mix of “Slither Thing” and the Astro Sensorium Mix of “Wings of Steel”, though it’s safe to say there’s something for all Collide fans in this set.

With a handful of new recordings and a slew of new mixes, Vortex will more than likely tide over us fans as we wait in anticipation of a new studio recording from the group.-Jack Alberson

Jane Magazine

Collide's latest venture into gothic darkwave, Vortex, is a two-disk collection of decadent aesthetic brilliance. Vortex has tracks to please every dark-minded eccentric at’s not the most impressive—this album is, which is released through their own label Noiseplus Music. A massive improvement amazingly over the last album, “Some Kind of Strange”, of Collide’s that we covered for you, which I never would have imagined possible. If you’re looking for dark, gothic dreamy atmospheric dance music than this is your cup of tea.-J-Sin

Obscure (France)

"Vortex" give another dimension to the work of the duet American electro-Gothic Collide. They are indeed a double compilation remixes and recoveries, which gathers services as various as those of Charlie Clouser (N.I.N.), Rhys Fulber, Kevin Kipnis or Mark Walk (henchman of the last Skinny Puppy), to quote only them. The titles are found thus entirely reorganized but, except for rare exceptions (the end of the formed CD2 of "Like You Want to Believe - Bondango's Twisted Acid Mix" / "Crushed - Scored Mix" / "Wings of Steel - Astro Sensorium Mix"), the original style of Collide suffers from it by no means... gains a certain freshness even there (terrible mix of Clouser for "Euphoria").

The titles chosen by kaRIN and Statik are exclusively drawn from their the last two albums, and one does not weary oneself to see how and up to which point each remixor "capte" a title: If "Crushed" - for example, and as well as "Wings of steel", itself treated on several occasions - is remixed not less than five times (!), it always comes out from it something of interesting and original (except the piteous mix of Shane Terpening).

"Vortex" thus never suffers from the linearity or the illegitimacy whose often the discs known as suffer of "remixes". Undoubtedly because here or there, Statik puts at it of its salt grain for the remix, ensuring a certain continuity compared to the original?uvre. Undoubtedly also because Collide offers recoveries new and cooked to the small onions ("Feed me the lions" of Adam & the Ants, "Predator" F.L.A., or "Haunted when the drag" minutes; of And Rockets Coils).

Just like the discs studio of Collide, this "Vortex" collect a certain magic, undoubtedly more important on the CD1 than on its successor. This time, the magic is insufflated by external observers recruited by Collide, for the greatest happiness of the amateurs of this at the same time éthérée and powerful, and single music. Astonishing.-Emmanuel


Collide Vortex [ Noiseplus Music ] Six months after the exit of their last album, Collide offers double CD not containing to us less vingt-six titles. Composed of a handle of news and remixes in gusts, this collection covers the last two albums of the group, "Chasing the Ghost" and "Some Kind of Strange". The good pupils remixeurs have as a name Charlie Clouser, Rhys Fulber or Mark Walk: excuse little. We also find there, with surprise, the reinterpretation by Collide of Predator de Front Line Assembly, already present on the "Re-Wind" of the latter. Rhys Fulber s'est in addition split d'une pretty second reading of Tempted, which could have had its place on the first album éponyme of Entreats One, and there is extremely to bet that Karin will lend its voice to the second album of the Canadian.

The version of Crushed by Dave Simpson is listened as one loses oneself in a table of American Mc Gee's Alice, the head full with the sounds specific to the universe of this a little lugubrious video game. Far from being monotonous as it is often the case with the exercise of the compilation of remixes to all goes, Collide show us a small step of cha-cha (The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum), test themselves with traditional arrangements (Somewhere) and remixer themselves do not forget to in no case, with very the cold Frozen.

The verdict is thus without call: it is remixée which the music of Collide is richest and the most diversified. And if it were necessary to add some, will know that Statik, the one-man band and sculptor of sounds of the duet, took part in the composition of five titles of "The Greater Wrong of the Right", the new album of Skinny Puppy. A true lesson for all those which never succeeded in making an album of remixes also complete. Bertrand Hamonou (Dark Realms Magazine)

Regen Magazine

Collide for me are the U.S. version of The Curve: exotic, deep, dark, dreamy, gothic and sexy. The band is essentially kaRIN and Statik, who have been creating darkwave music for years now, releasing four albums combining dark gothic smoldering beats and powerful, exotic rhythms with kaRIN's sensual, haunting and peaceful, breathy and dynamic vocals combined with brilliant lyrics. Vortex, their fifth CD, is a double-disc remix album featuring 26 tracks and over 140 minutes of elements of multiple music genres. It is a prelude to their new studio album.

The remixes include tracks taken from their Chasing The Ghost (2000) and Some Kind Of Strange (2002) releases. There’s a little more to Vortex than just remixes, though. KaRIN and Statik present here three excellent remarkable covers: “Feed Me to the Lions” originally by Adam and the Ants, “The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum” by The Fun Boy Three and a tremendous treat with Love and Rockets’ “Haunted When the Minutes Drag.” Also included is their remix of Front Line Assembly’s “Predator” that was originally featured on FLA’s Re-wind remix album. The tracks are remixed by a respectable lineup of well known producers, remixers and DJs like Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails), Mark Walk (Skinny Puppy), Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly/Delerium/Conjure One) and Mike Fisher ( Machines of Loving Grace / Amish Rake Fight) to name but a few, and newcomers Oleg Skrynnik, Kevin Kipnis and others. These remixes often add more of a danceable feel to the songs and so many different influences can be heard throughout Vortex that one never sounds identical to another; from heavy metal crunching guitars to melodic and trancy dance floor grooves to dark electronica to classical instrumentations of strings and piano, you can truly almost hear it all.

You have here all sorts of music producers drawn to the music of Collide, paying tribute and showing respect by contributing their talents, inspirations and passion and adding their own interpretations to Collide songs. So there's much more being put into each piece on the album, than just making a plain remix. A lot of creativity was invested here and this is truly a great listening experience for the heart and the soul.27-May-2004 by jezman

Release Magazine

There’s always some risk involved when you release a double album of remixes. It’s inevitable that some of the mixes will disappear in the sheer quantity – 26 tracks in this case! Especially if not all of them are of similar standard. This is true on Collide’s new mix collection, and even though I have listened to it a couple of times now, the songs still all blend together in my head. That said, most mixes are well done, and imprints the mixers' styles on the song. Variation is good, with styles ranging from Charlie Clouser’s dark, trippy and guitar-laden mix of “Euphoria” via the softer and groovy Conjure One mix of “Tempted”, to the Headache's breakbeat version of “Wings of Steel”. All those mentioned are among my favourites, and bring a lot of fresh ideas to the table. Mark Walk's mix is of course incredibly weird, but interesting with its orchestral approach.

Also included is Collide's own mix of Front Line Assembly’s “Predator”, with Karin on vocals instead of Bill Leeb. It’s pulled from FLA’s remix album “Re-wind”, and is still brilliant. Karin and Statik have also taken the opportunity to include a couple of covers, and all three of them are quite impressive, with that unmistakable dark, sensual and edgy feel we have come to expect from the LA duo.

Of course, you’re not meant to listen through this in one go like I did. Pick your favourite version of a track. And “Vortex” gives good value for your hard earned cash.-JOHAN CARLSSON

The Machinest

(roughly translated from Russian, see link


for original text)

The new large-caliber release VORTEX industrial - Gothic group COLLIDE will constrain remixes on songs from two last albums " Chasing the Ghost " and " Some Kind of Strange ", and also covers - versions on songs THE FUNBOY THREE, LOVE AND ROCKETS and ADAM AND THE ANTS. The project has turned out rather scale - kaRIN and Statik it was necessary to make a choice from 130 remixes sent by groups, DJs and people from different parts of the world, including Germany, Ireland, Russia, England. The stylistic spectrum of the remixes submitted on "Vortex", has turned out wide. Here to you and rigid, almost metal guitar versions, and slippery, hot electronics, and elegant dancing a la DELERIUM/CONJURE ONE, and cold, it is total synthetic modern ???????-??????????, both seductive ????-???, and the stylized gothic style … Almost all compositions on "Vortex" are decorated with a seductive, dense, sensual and hypnotic vocal charming kaRIN. Thus, the material of two disks will necessarily find the students and admirers in the most different and unexpected musical communities. And I any more do not speak about fans COLLIDE which number has appreciablly grown for last years. For them the double "Vortex" becomes the most pleasant gift! Remixes for COLLIDE this time were done(made) both known people on a stage, and by new groups and musicians. Thus it is difficult to tell, whose versions are more preferably. All the same for "Vortex" the best mixes were selected only. So, among not beginners it is possible to name such musicians, as Kevin Kipnis (PURR MACHINE), Charly Clouser (???-NINE INCH NAILS), Wade Alin (CHRIST ANALOGUE), Rhys Fulber (CONJURE ONE, FLA, DELERIUM), Mark Walk (producer SKINNY PUPPY, RUBY), Mike Fisher (MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE), Ian Ross (FLESH FIELD). Names of other participants of the project to me about anything do not speak. Charlie Clouser has prepared for the " Emirian mix " on a song "Euphoria" in a typical manner of the American industrial fate, emphasized thus on east motives, in many respects the singing caused by a viscous manner kaRIN. The cover on the song ADAM AND THE ANTS " Feed Me To The Lions " has turned out a such a clockwork and fast track, that is atypical for COLLIDE. Over it (it) is dominated also with guitars. Beautifully, and air sounds multilayered Amish Rake Fight remix " Mike Fisher on " Slither Thing ". Perhaps, the most interesting begins with this track on the first disk "Vortex". The experimental, radical idm and sharp industrial sounds Wade Alin has made the whole two remixes - on songs " Razor Sharp " and "Inside." Remixer Remko van der Spek on the song " Like You Want To Believe " in which dense guitar and feverish drumbeat a la FEAR FACTORY interestingly contrast with melodious singing kaRIN severely, rigidly and dizzily sounds. All specifies that is a potential club hit. But still the big hit can become a cover on song THE FUNBOY THREE " The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum ". I believe, that this playful and ?????????????? ??????? with purring vocals especially is pleasant to a Gothic audience. Certainly, it has not been forgotten and remix already becoming classics on song FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Predator" you could hear earlier on Front Line Assembly's 2CD "Re-wind"). By the way, the given remix is especially expensive(dear) kaRIN. Two remixes gravitating to an orchestral format, have been made Dave Simpson and Mark Walk. Here the voice kaRIN is brought to the forefront also she shows to us new sides of the singing talent. Also, I very much liked the monolithic, and ice " Core mix " Nils Schulte on a song " Wings Of Steel ". The German musician has appreciablly cleaned initial arrangement and was focused on rhythmic and melodic aspects of a track. Further, as I have already told above, some remixes on both disks "Vortex" are made in "???????????" a key so you and without my help can imagine as they sound. Better I shall pay your attention on remarkable " Shoe Gazing mix " Kevin Kipnis on the song "Inside". This musician has transformed one of my favourite things COLLIDE into a fragile, gentle track in which echoes of romantic English guitar new wave are audible and are present with warm elements. Finishing the first disk deep and dark with a remix on a composition "Frozen", made Statik. The second disk opens a cover on song LOVE AND ROCKETS " Haunted When The Minutes Drag ", on sounding reminding me of the last albums CURVE. Experienced Rhys Fulber has carefully costed with a song "Tempted" and it is predicted has made of it(her) typical caressing hearing ?????????????? atmospheric track CONJURE ONE. dramatically, sadly and ??????? sounds " Out Of Control mix " Jesse Maddox on a song "Crushed" that it is impossible to tell about inventive and rhythmical " The Sound Of Glass mix " Aaron Mdonald on the song " Wings Of Steel ". Probably, most further have gone Marty Ball and Shane Terprning, made of two songs COLLIDE vigorous and club techno. It was always interesting to me to listen to such remixes on songs of a duet, and I am not disappointed! The good remix was made by Russian Oleg Skrinnik. In his version song" Wings Of Steel " have appeared additional ??????????, ?????????????? and ?????????. To continue further is not present sense. I believe, you have already understood, that with such quantity(amount) of remixes it is possible to sink without ceremony in magic sounds COLLIDE! P.S. Recent advertising support and sales of the 2CD "Vortex" and previous albums by COLLIDE in Europe is carried out with Belgian label Alfa Matrix. Thus, music of Americans for us became even more accessible and is closer. [9 points]-vAlien/DJ Commando LABELLA