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Recorded live at The El Rey Theatre in 2005, Collide’s Like The Hunted DVD is an amazingly crisp and clear video experience. Featuring 14 songs, this 65 minute concert was filmed with 5 cameras plus a second angle crane camera, all of which serve to capture every minute of the concert’s electrifying energy. The DVD was shot by Kevin McVey, who managed to convey the true essence of this magnificent unit. The truth is, Collide doesn’t have the big budget backing of a major label, but because their love for their craft is so intense they still managed to put out a very high quality, professional video. Many Collide fans have not had the pleasure of seeing the group in a live setting. The expanded unit made its first stage appearance in 2004, thanks to the addition of some very talented musicians—Scott Landes (guitar), Rogerio Silva (guitar), Kai Kurosawa (bass), and Chaz Pease (drums).

Like The Hunted showcases a whole new dimension of Collide’s material, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the band live this DVD is about as close as you’re going to get to the real thing. Recorded digitally, the audio and visual is just breath taking. You’ll feel like the convert is in your living room. In addition to some great live footage there are also lots of special features for your viewing pleasure. Collide included a stunning photo gallery and some entertaining videos. Be sure to also check out the interview with Statik & kaRIN. The chemistry between the two of them is great. I never knew Statik was so funny, and I’ve hung out with him a few times. In this interview he really cracked me up. If you’re a Collide fan you owe it to yourself to buy this DVD, and while you’re at it pick up the accompanying Live CD, Live At The El Rey. Both can be purchased at -NIN


Fans have been waiting since the mid 90's to get a chance to see elusive Goth faves Collide bring their soothing, yet scary - dark, yet warm mishmash of industrial and etheral to a live stage. In 2004 lucky fans in Los Angeles finally got a chance when Collide made their live debut. For those of us who don't live in southern California, the band was nice enough to film the show and put out a DVD. Shot in a simple, intimate style, Like The Hunted is a concert film that not only captures the essence of the band, but also makes the viewer feel like they are part of the audience. Singer kaRIN prances back and forth onstage like a nervous cat in heat while sound architect Statik and the rest band brings the dense sound of the songs to life around her in a blur of motion and surgical precision. All while looking like Goth royalty in black leather. With bonus features that include all the band's videos (a highlight being an almost unrecognizable cover of Dusty Springfield's "Son Of A Preacher man"), interviews (come on Statik - let kaRIN finish a thought before interrupting her) and acoustic renditions of "Modify" and "Deep". This is the most revealing document ever produced on this mysterious band.-Posted by Brad Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006


Industrial dream act Collide have been coming forward in leaps and bounds in the past year and this Live DVD is evidence of the hard work they put in. It only seemed like yesterday (and it hasn’t been long at all) since they put together a live act to support the two prime members of the band (kaRIN and Static) and then hit the road. And for a band still fairly unknown in most parts of the world – it certainly helps the band’s image to not only support their work with Remix albums, but now the live album too.

The DVD itself comes with plenty of extra features including acoustic performances and three videos shot for their songs ‘Preacher Man’, ‘Razor Sharp’ and ‘Euphoria.’ This is also complemented with a gallery from their photo-shoot collection and there is also a 15-minute behind the scenes/interview with kaRIN (vocals/ words) and Statik (Noise).

The performance itself has the added bonus of having been presented with two different edits of the camera work – So if you enjoy the performance, you can watch it again and switch to the second edit to enjoy it from a different perspective.

Collide have selected 15 songs to perform here taken from all three albums in their back catalogue as well as from their previous remix album ‘Vortex’ which also included cover tracks.

The sound quality is good and although the visual aspect can look a bit grainy on some shots – it’s certainly shot well enough to give off some atmosphere – this of course is helped by the production visual aspect of the background screen effects. kaRIN thankful keeps here voice heard, as there is a tendency for some vocalists to be drowned out by heavy noise. What is also avoided is the tendency for live acts to rush through songs so quickly it kills pleasure of hearing them. All songs sound good making it hard to highlight any moment – but fans will no doubt love their favourite tunes being played. What could have been employed, and Static gets the brunt of this one, is an effort to mix things up slightly giving a different sound, or extended feel to some of the material. The most obvious point of reference for this is the Cure who always extend and mix up ‘A forest’ (usually towards the end of a performance). This is merely a hint for future reference. It makes a live audience appreciate the performance all the more to have a long lead into a song, or an extended epilogue out of one whilst retaining the core soul of what the song is about. Here though it is the songs played well and nothing more. And there should not really be any heavy criticism for a first effort if the material is put forward well enough.

A decent first DVD release then, comprising all they have to offer via media so far. If anything though, it could have done with a better (longer) interview piece. The documentary (and at times joke laden) feel of the 15 featurette here is good, but die-hard fans will no doubt want better questions about the band and not just about there beginnings which most fans will know all about by now anyway. But as it’s a first – this featurette does help introduce them to new audiences. Statik and kaRIN’s comic relationship on camera certainly deflates any sense of them taking themselves too seriously.

This release also comes in the form of CD which includes the whole of the performance and the Radio-Edit of ‘Euphoria’.

Godsend Online

Collide - "Like The Hunted" DVD - Coming from the mid-90's industrial scene, the duo of Statik (noise) and kaRin (vocals and words) has been among the more successful to date. Their self-released studio albums have been influential documents while remaining firmly electronic in nature. Translating these songs to a live experience could have been a typical pre-programmed setup in lesser bands' hands. Here, the California duo round out their sound with 4 additional musicians, crafting a guitar-and-drum fuelled rock experience. COLLIDE's original songs, like the blistering 'Beneath The Skin' or the seductive 'Slither Thing', are grafted new wings. A superb and commanding presence from kaRin leads the live band from aggressive electro-rock hybrids to elegant and atmospheric dark-pop songs. And besides the excellent live concert, you get added bonuses of COLLIDE's promo videos, interviews, and other live footage. A great set and recommended.

Gothic Paradise

For a band that was pretty much strictly a studio project up until late 2004, they have really taken a jump and done a lot with their live lineup and live work. This DVD is just the next logical bold step from this band in their adventure into the live scene. What we have here is a real gem for fans of this band. Even with their live performances, they've still only done a handful including a west coast tour and a few other performances, so in reality it's still a rather small group of people that have actually seen them live. This DVD gives us all a chance to see a little bit more behind the scenes, their live show and some excellent videos.

The music from this band speaks for itself and for further information I'll refer the reader to the other reviews here on the music and the individual albums. So we'll delve into the live performance and the features on this DVD for a bit here. The stage presence of the live band is awesome, featuring live drums, kaRIN's captivating form, live guitars and as always, Statik sitting in the background kind of keeping everything together and providing all of the experimental electronic sounds. Everyone performs well and lends their own talents so well to the stage performance. This DVD captures this live performance very well providing multiple camera angles, nice shots of the audience and all of the performers. This really ends up being one of the better live video shoots that I've seen, providing some up-close views as well as capturing the entire stage at once and really making the listener feel as if you're right there on the front row of the live show. And while I would have loved to have been there in person, it's so convenient to watch it in the comfort of your own living room with the sound adjusted to your own preference.

Apart from the excellent live performance from this group with their concert at The El Rey venue, the DVD also contains a gold mine of other features. These features include an excellent video interview in a couple of parts and different locations with Statik and kaRIN. The interview gives the viewer not only some insight into how this duo pulls their music together, but also gives you a good look at them off the stage and out of the spotlight, especially when Statik finally loosens up and starts to actually talk in the latter part of the interviews. The features include a huge photo gallery that plays in a slideshow with their music playing in the background featuring live and studio photos throughout their career. The real treat for me had to be the actual bonus music videos including two versions of "Razor Sharp", the fun and strange video "Son of a Preacher Man", and "Euphoria", as well as a couple of bonus live videos and acoustic performances and videos "Modify" and "Deep".

That pretty much sums up the DVD in a nutshell. I've spent hours going over this material, watching the live performance, digging through the photos, watching the music videos and interviews and know that I'll be able to spend hours more enjoying the material here. Fans of this band absolutely have to pick up this DVD.

Rating: 4.5/5

Gothic Revue

kaRIN and Statik have pulled their sublime studio sound and fleshed it out with additional live performers. I think Collide have always struck me as akin to Switchblade Symphony with the stage presence of "The Cult" and the sound of Battery at times. Karin's vocals on "White Rabbit" (A cover of Jefferson Airplane of the late sixties) is the best cover that I've heard in about five years. I highly recommend this dvd along with the live cd (for your car-listening)

JIVE Magazine

Any techno-head worth his or her salt is either very familiar with Collide’s work or should be. Comprised of singer/found-artist Karin (an occasional value-add to Front Line Assembly) and synth-god Statik (Skinny Puppy, Tool), the duo have made their musical mission one of the most-watched in electro history. Only recently have they taken their unique sound on the road, as seen here in the CD/DVD release “Like the Hunted.”Above and beyond the glossy professionalism of the overall sound (it’s not often that bands come off like wizened road rats on their 8th-or-so live gig) is the trademark combination of kaRIN’s intensely sensual crooning (picture a young Siouxsie in full seduction mode, often half-whispered as if she’s fixated on Neptune) and Statik’s uncanny noise innovations, which range from trance-inducing samples to nu-metal stun-buzz. It’s the ultimate combination of goth, industrial, metal and fashionista post-punk, delivered as if they’d been tasked with saving the entire electro genre. Collide doesn’t relegate itself to one type of song but instead explores everything from psychedelic synth-pop (“The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum”) to Evanescence-like anthem-metal (“Euphoria”). The key ingredient – what truly gives the band a high-odds shot at success as an album-oriented band rather than being doomed to one-shot vampire-disco status – is their very personal sound, a trick most bands learn five albums into things.

The bravest step forward here is their decision to bring other performers into their bizarre, reclusive but crucial little world – this live set (recorded at the El Ray in Los Angeles) is enhanced immensely by the addition of living, breathing humans playing drums, guitar and bass. Thus, unlike so many onesie and twosie techno acts whose live shows consist of one guy stomping the boards, there’s plenty to keep the camera busy in the DVD.

You’re advised to keep Collide in your sights, as they could easily break through the stratosphere with their next studio record.

Rating: 5 out of 5-Eric Saeger

Kaleidoscope Issue #21

Now this is a true gem! One of my favourite bands, but they very rarely play live (though as theyre American my opportunities to see them would be zilch anyway) so on one of their incredibly rare shows they decided to film it for release. And here it is filmed at the El Rey in Los Angeles in 2005, the result is stunning. Very well filmed and directed, you really get the feel of the concert, and the sound is superb. Given that this was something like the bands 5th ever show, their style, presentation and delivery puts bands of far greater experience and financial backing to shame! Tracks from across their albums with some of their infamous cover versions including the radical reinterpretation of The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum fly past as this concert makes for compelling and highly enjoyable viewing. Apparently the DVD supports that multi-camera-angle button that sits idle on most remotes, but I couldnt get it to work! As for extras, again there is no shortcomings as after a typically mashed around interview presentation film we have two acoustic shots, two different live performances, and then 4 of their glorious video clips. Their videos are truly wonderful, combining the effects and contrasts of a Marilyn Manson video with their own fantasy world imagery part organic / part mechanical! So why they split these extras into two separate root menus is beyond me, and is the only thing about the whole package I wasnt keen on as it prevents a free flow of all the songs without having to faff about with the remote. But this tiny niggle aside, this has to be one of the best DVDs ever released by a band without major label bankrolling, and really does deserve to be in your collection you will not regret it! Very, very highly recommended! - Mike Francis


Since I first heard Collide on a magazine cover disc many moons ago, I've had more than a slight obsession with them. However, I was slightly worried when I heard that they were taken their studio bound musical experiments out on the road for the first time.

After all, the delicate duo had attained moments of perfection on their studio releases, and I was loathe to see / hear them bludgeoned into submission by a backing band. Fortunately, that hasn't happened.

The main portion of “Like the Hunted” is a live performance at the El Rey in Los Angeles on April 14 of 2005 with the main duo of kaRIN and Statik ably assisted by some well chosen hired hands. It still seems strange to watch a band that you've only ever pictured in your head, going through their live paces, and nothing really lives up to the mental imagery. However, they have done an excellent job of taking classics like "Slither Thing" and "Complicated" and translating them into something different, but still excellent.

For the geeks amongst you, the show was filmed with 5 cameras and was recorded digitally into a Pro-Tools HD system. The concert part of the DVD also features a second angle (crane camera) for viewing and it is presented in widescreen, 16:9 format.

However, as if that wasn't enough of a treat, the DVD includes a collection of videos which come closer to the pictures in my head with clips for "Euphoria" and "Son of a Preacherman" amongst others. There's also a couple of acoustic performances, a long (if lo-fi) interview and a a photo gallery of over 150 photos.

Nothing could live up to the music they've put out on CD, but this is a brave and worthwhile effort.

The concert is also available as a 16 track CD.

:twisted :twisted :twisted :twisted out of 5


Collide has been a duo act for many years so when word of a live album and dvd were made on their website, I began to wonder how will they reproduce the studio tricks live. My suspicions soon flew out the window when I began watching the main concert footage, which was taken at a April 14th , 2005 show at a LA venue called the El Rey.

The dvd portion of the show is called “Like the Hunted” and for those unable to attend can live the experience. For those that seen the band live, can relive it visually over and over again. The band gets fleshed out to a sextet with Scott Landes and Rogerio Silvio on guitars, Kai Kurosawa on warr guitar / bass and Chaz Pease on drums. I was really amazed to see a warr guitar within a metallic based band but I think it helps give the band a leading edge over most in the genre. Here’s hoping Kai as well as the others will contribute more than just live.

On the DVD, we get treated with a bunch of extra special features. Collide sure spoils their fans! The special features includes studio videos of Euphoria, Son of A Preacher Man and Razor Sharp as well as tour videos of Like You Want To Believe and Wings of Steel. Other features are acoustic versions of Modify and Deep. Showing that kaRIn truly has a angelic beautiful voice outside of the electronic based music. It would be interesting to hear more acoustic pieces, maybe a piano/vocal song here and there in the near future. Another feature is something called “The Modification”, which is an interview with various live, studio and video out-takes.

Like The Hunted proves that Collide is not another studio project, but in fact a full fledged band. This is one of the better made and produced music DVDs that I’ve seen in a long while. It’s definitely one I will be revisiting often!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 4th, 2006

The DVD opens with the live recording of their set, and I must say, well done! Professionally shot, well edited, and definitely gives the fans a good idea of what their concert would be like. Collide has an excellent visual performance - from the costuming, to the lighting, to kaRIN's onstage persona, nothing is lacking.

But I think for me the real thrill on this DVD is the music video collection; specifically, the ??Euphoria?? video. Jaw-dropping gorgeous. Literally in my top 5 music video picks of all time. I also enjoyed the "Son of a Preacher Man" video as well. The first viewing was rather shocking, but once I got over the initial ??WTF??? moments, it was thoroughly enjoyable the second round. As far as the "Razor Sharp" videos go...not quite as thrilling. Which is disappointing since "Razor Sharp" is to date my favorite Collide song.

The interview was pretty interesting in regards to substance, though technically could have been better done. I know a lot of bands try to go for that "in the studio" look, but the lack of decent lighting and audio doesn't really make it worth it in the end, especially when it's held in comparison to the higher quality of the rest of the DVD.

Overall on its own, I would have given this DVD 4/5...but it's the live CD that came with it that clinches the deal. I'm usually not totally into the live recording deal, but this is technically one of the best live recording jobs I've heard, and thus a totally interesting spin.

Overall a very complete and comprehensive package for every die-hard Collide fan!

Rating: Excellent (5/5) Review by Valdyr

Release Magazine

I’ve been a fan of this quirky LA duo since I heard their latest album ”Some Kind of Strange”. Their style is a collision of trip hop and electro, with a dark edge to it. And there are guitars too! Lately, Karin and Statik have taken to the stage, and performed their material in front of an audience. This concert at El Rey in Los Angeles was filmed, and is now released both as CD and DVD. The set is a mix of songs from their career, beefed up for the stage. They have a full band with them, filling out the sound nicely, and bringing even more weight to the songs. The sound recording is excellent by the way, and the DVD features a lot of extras for you to peruse. There’s an interview with Statik and Karin, a couple of videos, photos and two brilliant acoustic pieces, performed in the studio.

Check this out even if you’re not a fan. You just might like it.-JOHAN CARLSSON

Smother Magazine

editor's pick

Breathtaking. Both visually and audibly. “Like the Hunted” gives us unfortunate folks who haven’t seen Collide live in concert a chance to be there—practically on stage with the dynamic duo.

Stuffed into this DVD is a slew of special features, videos, and their live performance at the El Rey in Los Angeles on April 14 of 2005. Ethereal vocals by kaRIN combined with the raw energy of Statik translates extremely well to the live stage setting. Not only is the band stunning to watch but so are the visuals with videos for their cover of the Dusty Springfield classic “Son of a Preacher Man” with a manic battle between stuffed pigs, strawberries, cowboys, cheerleaders, and more plus a couple other videos that you unfortunately won’t be seeing on MTV’s main channel. Kevin McVey helps out with the concert footage and a couple of the music videos and shows off his tremendous talent as well. Also included is an interview, photo gallery, and acoustic performances of “Modify” and “Deep”.

This Is

Collide, the duo of Statik and kaRIN, has been around for over 10 years, releasing many great albums, but have always been just a studio band. Well that has changed; Collide have hit the road and Like the Hunted is their live performance from April, 2005 at the El Rey in Los Angeles.

The DVD has a nice cover, though the content listing on the back is a little hard to read. The inside is very sparse: just the DVD. I would like to have seen liner notes, but after all, this is a DVD and the contents of the DVD more than makes up for anything lacking in packaging.

The menus are visually pleasant and clear and concise; no hunting for menu items. The DVD contains the live concert, plus added bonuses of an in-depth interview, acoustic performances of "Modify" and "Deep", all of their videos to date and a gallery of photographs.

The 60+ minute concert is done very well. Often, music DVDs can be stale and drain the music of its impact. It was refreshing to see the dynamic coverage of the show, with multiple angles and for the most part, no evidence of the video cameraman. The video itself is top-notch; the video is sharp, the colors are vivid, and the audio sounds "live" without being washed out. We get to see all of the band members, although Statik either seems to be camera shy or they just didn't get good shots of him. All of the "hits" of Collide are represented, and the recording has the feel of a live concert, as opposed to being staged for the DVD. The concert also feels intimate, which would be lost had it been in a larger venue. The crowd in responsive, but fairly subdued. The songs themselves have an added dimension from live play, due to the additional four live band members.

Onto the special features: The live photos give a glimpse of the visuals from other live performances and are presented with background music. The studio photos are very well done; exquisite photography. The music videos are also well done and even if you have seen online versions, the DVD versions are so much better. There are also live videos for "Like You Want to Believe" and "Wings of Steel", plus acoustic performance videos for "Modify" and "Deep". The interview, "The Modification", is a candid look into the motives and thoughts of Collide.

" Like the Hunted" is an excellent example of what a music DVD should be. There is plenty of content and it keeps your attention. If you're a Collide fan or you're curious as to what Collide is all about, this is the DVD to buy.-legion

Virus Magazine

Filming a band’s ninth concert is courageous – but not when you’re in a band called Collide. Supporters of these perfectionists know that the band had been working hard to celebrate their live debut after a decade of existing...

Recorded at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre on April 04, 2005, by director Kevin McVey, the 65 minutes lasting gig on this DVD proves that it was high time for Collide to finally enter a stage.

Wrapped in highly artistic light effects, it’s in the first place vocalist kaRIN who bewitches the audience as if she had been doing millions of shows before. kaRIN’s and Statik’s songs pull the visitors into their world without utilizing clichés. Without a doubt you believe that both live their music, that they don’t write their lyrics with the help of a construction set.

Collide are a work of art, and their excellent live band members give songs like "Falling Up", "Razor Sharp" or "White Rabbit" very characteristic trademarks that the crowd can’t disappear from. In the bonus section, kaRIN once more shows her expressive vocal range by performing acoustic versions of "Deep" and "Modify".

Altogether, the featurettes’ playing time is about 60 minutes, including the tasteful videos for "Euphoria", "Like You Want To Believe", "Razor Sharp", "Son Of A Preacher Man" and "Wings Of Steel", a gallery, backgrounds and a very interesting interview that shows the makers of such serious music as humorous people.

Rating: stylish.Dom, 06 Feb 2006

The Second Level Of Darkness And Below

I'll admit that I was tired. Possibly not in the best condition to be thinking and moreso, not the best condition to be carrying on about watching anything that would require some degree of intellect as most of what I had for the evening had been spent.

When I prepared to stretch out on the couch, it wasn't my massive book of DVDs that I reached for. I had two of them that I hadn't watched yet but I didn't reach for them, nor did I reach for my Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings DVDs.

No, I decided to descend further into the abysmal depths and indulge my sickness by watching Collide "Like The Hunted" because, to me, music is what usually revitalizes me. I was right. Drained, I ceremoniously put the DVD into the player and Live At The El Rey was the first thing that came up in the main menu. I'd just written the review on the CD. Now, I was going to get my wish...I was going to the El Rey to the Collide Concert visually. I would get the pleasure of not just hearing the music but SEEING it performed.

I stretched out on the couch and began to watch. My cats, Tails, Nermal, Snowball and Ares piled themselves on top of me. Normally, they all just fall asleep but when the music started they began looking at the TV. Then, there was the silhouette behind the screen. Unmistakeably kaRIN dancing like something out of a Babylonian seduction. Statik stood awash in blue light that would turn purple and then red. The guitarists were rocking back and forth in anticipation, with guitars ready like soldiers ready to begin firing at multiple targets.

BOOM! The music began...remember what I said about the CD "Live At The El Rey" lacking nothing? Well it was true but this had the added bonus of kaRIN coming out from behind the screen and beginning her part of the performance, dancing like some demonic goddess, using some strange magick to seduce the crowd along with her voice. Only on "Beneath The Skin" and already it was becoming less of a DVD and some sort of dark ritual.

Screens flashed imagery, lights bathed the band members in differing hues of green, blue, purple, red and mixtures of them all and kaRIN kept her dancing and her voice wickedly fun, decadent, and her eyes told a story of insanity. I noticed that my cats had also taken notice.

The performances were only magnified on the DVD. The contrast of the music to kaRIN's voice was creepy and the crowd was loving it.

So was I, for that matter. I'd been revived to face certain sacrifice as now, I could not take my eyes from my screen. The whole of the scene threatened to envelop me and lose me in the insanity. I was more than happy to let it.

The "Live At The El Rey" session is something I could watch over and over again.

It's more than just concert's an experience.

The Rest Of The Story:

I'd spent hours tooling along the special features. The videos were hypnotic, the songs were abysmally beautiful and the imagery was tormentingly wonderful. The interview and video outtakes do nothing to destroy the illusion that is Collide. That is, if you believe it was all illusion.

Collide has done nothing short of creating a highly underrated media phenomenon with this work. Their attention to detail and hard work both as a studio unit and live act prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you reap what you sow. This band hasn't created was spawned. There is no illusion to this band...and the source of their material comes from somewhere dark that even angels fear to touch.

There are things on this disc you'll see that you can't undo. You'll never get them out of your head. The imagery is beautiful and haunting and if you even remotely like Collide...this will cement your position as a die-hard fan. Even after I sieze control of my mind again, I'll still remain a fan after seeing this. I'm sure residual trace images will remain and threaten to overtake me.

But hey...what a helluva way to go huh?

Now...Lord Genocyde says, "Forth, my minions to grab your copy now!" -DJ Genocyde (dj.ste.mairet)