Collide is in need of a holiday, so we will be going on a cruise!!!

A gothic cruise no less, and it's going to be an absolute BLAST. Don't worry we'll stay out of the sun =). We are going to be playing a show and having all kinds of crazy fun aboard the Costa join us if you can. Make your vacation plans now for April 2006!!!

View all of the details on the upcoming shows page...

Sick Among the Pure interview

Sick Among the Pure interview

We have a new interview up at Sick Among The Pure. It talks about our show in Portland...special thanks to Jett Black and Sonya Brown for the interview and to Daemon of Sick among the Pure for being a such a force in his support of the underground scene. There is also a great interview with Ogre of Skinny Puppy that makes a nice mention of Collide.

View the interview here

View the article about Collide in concert here



New Photos

We have some new photos up from the El Rey show. Please check the live gallery on our photos page. Thanks very much to all of the talented photographers involved. Thanks also, to everyone who helped on the show and to everyone who came... we love you lots.

Great News

We just found out about a site called MP3 tunes and Vortex is the top album!! Chasing the ghost is # 6. Apparently this is out of 28,954 we are pretty ecstatic about that.

More good news on the video

Our Euphoria video is still gathering steam...we now have 27 adds!! However, we still have not heard from any of you that have seen it. Let us know if you see it.

Euphoria video news

Euphoria video news

We just got some really exciting news that our "Euphoria" video is getting some airplay, so we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that people get a chance to see it across the country. We have also sent a bunch of signed CDs, as we hear some of these shows will be doing on air tune in and drop us a line if you see it. Don't be suprised if you also see our video for "Son of a Preacherman" as well, as we also sent that one along.

In case you have not seen the video, it is available for viewing on our site in a couple of different versions on our video page, it is also available for viewing at myspace.

Here is what we heard from Andy over at Hip Video who is handling the video promotion had to say about how the video is doing and who is playing it right now. " The campaign has just stormed right out of the box, and we are excited to inform you that we have secured eighteen adds! This video has exploded onto the screens of millions! We are excited to see just how quickly this video's buzz continues to grow, and if this report is any indication, Collide is poised for huge success in the video world! This eerie clip manages to be sexy and powerful, while still retaining that unsettling nature for which Collide has become so well known."

Collide live in Los Angeles

Collide live in Los Angeles

We are thrilled to announce that we will be playing in L.A.!! This will be our first official show here and we are planning to make it a big event.

We will be filming the event for an upcoming DVD, so please come and be part of it. Opening bands will be
Mankind is Obsolete
and Elektrostatic
with music spun by Shok

The date is April 14th at the El Rey Theatre, which is one of our very favorite venues.
The El Rey
5515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036

The El Rey is an original Art Deco theatre in the heart of Miracle Mile, it is a registered historical landmark with sweeping staircases, a balcony lounge, and a grand ballroom with a full stage.

This will be an all ages show!!!

There will be music and dancing all night, and a shopping area featuring Saints & Sinners, which are the accessories designed by kaRIN.

Tickets are $12 and are available now at our store under special items. (scroll to bottom of page)

They will be available on We Book Bands and at Ticketmaster in the next week. This is a very special show for us and we really hope you can make it. We will let you know more details as we know them.

If you would like to help out and be part of the street team, please check our forum for more details.

Back from the Tour

Back from the Tour

We are back from the tour and finally starting to catch up with everything. We had such an amazing time. Thanks so much to all of the promoters, our amazing crew, and everyone who came to the shows, we really enjoyed meeting you. Most of all huge thanks to our live band…without them it would not be possible. Thank-you Scott, Roger, Kai and Chaz. We love you.

New live photos

We have posted a ton of new live pictures on our photo page.

Thanks to the talented photographers involved.

Video of West Coast Tour

For those of you that weren't able to catch us at any of our West Coast dates, we've edited together some footage from all of the shows, so you can see what you missed...hope you like it.

West Coast tour video "Like You Want to Believe"

Backing video

Backing video

For any of you that were at the shows and happened to notice some of the background video…

our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Black for compiling some really outstanding artwork and visuals.

The backing video includes the brilliant artwork of: