Virus Magazine...Collide meet Skinny Puppy

Virus Magazine...Collide meet Skinny Puppy

View the 3-way interview with Virus, Skinny Puppy and Collide here

Thanks so much to Dominik at VIRUS Magazine... we love him =). For those who do not know, VIRUS has been absolutely vital to the underground music scene for some time now as an e-zine and also a very informative newsletter. VIRUS is now a printed magazine and is just about to release it's very first issue on November 9th!! In this very first issue, VIRUS asks Collide to converse with good friend cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy. This is a lengthy 5 full page discussion between VIRUS, Collide and Skinny Puppy... covering everything from dreams to death.

Show your support to this great magazine by ordering this first issue now, and be kept up to date with this great magazine and very informative newsletter. If you act quickly, there is a special offer going...please say hi to Dominik and let him know Collide sent you.

(Pre-order from the U.S. by September 29, 2005 and get VIRUS! Magazine's issue #1 for 2.50 US $ incl. postage.)