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The Machinist review (Belarus)

The Machinist review (Belarus)

Review #3 for Two Headed Monster is in from vAlien/DJ Commando LABELLA. Val is from Belarus and was kind enough to translate it into English for us, as our Russian is a bit rusty.

His English translation of the review can be found on our reviews page. The original review is in Russian and can be viewed here.

"...this is the most diverse, multi-layer, mature, hard, and complex record of (Collide). Shatteringly beautiful album!" -DJ Commando LABELLA

Secret Meeting press

Secret Meeting press

Elegy Magazine (France)

The Secret Meeting is featured in uber cool dark culture French magazine Elegy as well as their CD sampler.

Gothic Beauty (US)

There is a feature on the Secret Meeting as well as a lovely new review inside the latest issue of Gothic Beauty. Check this magazine out as it is features fashion and music and is a great magazine. You can find it at most cool record stores and Hot Topic etc. Our thanks to Gothic Beauty, Ruby, Steven and Sonya Brown who have been so supportive.

The Machinist (Belarus)

This is a fun interview with kaRIN, Dean & Statik...find out more about mushroom hunting here...scroll down for the English version .-- thanks Valentin

The Machinist interview

The Machinist interview

We've posted a new interview from The Machinist on our interview page As well as a Vortex review (translated from Russian) on our reviews page Thanks to Val

View the original interview here

View the English translation here

Also, a release party that we had to reschedule is back in action on July 16th at the Club Funeral in L.A.. Thanks Veronika