Reviews by Mick Mercer

Reviews by Mick Mercer

We just received a couple of new reviews from ex Melody Maker writer Mick Mercer.

One was for Dean Garcia's newest project, SPC ECO, which we are distributing in North America.

(SPC ECO) "Together they extract the heat from some essentially grumbly soundscapes and make them strangely sweet, but never sickly. When a bright tingly guitar marks the appearance of ‘For All Time’, with a reassuring bass beneath and some big clumping drums, the addition of winsome vocals sets you up for a cool, restful sound, in which the guitar burrows through hotly...‘Shine On Down’ is quite a humming bird rave of a thing, like Julee Cruise blissed out in the clouds, casually deconstructing some early Cocteaus."
Check out the full review here.

He's also posted one of our Two Headed Monster.

We like his writing. Here's a tidbit from the review.

"‘Spaces In Between’ swipes the best china off the table and slaps down tectonic plates instead, the rhythmical fizz scampering as the vocals remain imperiously controlled, the song like a giant figurehead of a ship transplanted onto a lethal skateboard. Looming, zooming. It’s a crazed little caper, and we all like those..."
Read the full review here.

Noiseplus Music to release SPC ECO, pre-sales begin today!!

Noiseplus Music to release SPC ECO, pre-sales begin today!!

This is something that we are really thrilled about.

We began our music label Noiseplus Music purely for the purpose of enabling us to release our own music. Recently something has come up that we just could not resist.

For the first time ever, Noiseplus Music will be releasing another band!!

SPC ECO is Dean Garcia's latest musical project. The group includes Dean's bass and production skills alongside the angelic vocals of Rose Berlin and Joey Levenson's Sonic Guitar FX. Dean of course worked with us on The Secret Meeting.

We love the CD and we think you will too. The CD, entitled 3-D, is a brilliant ride, and we couldn't be more excited to get a chance to present it to you.

The release date is scheduled for April 21st, pre-sales are starting today!!! Check the store for sound samples & details.

Here is a little preview of what to expect...

SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo after the vintage Roland 201), is a spaced out hybrid of "nu gaze tripadelica" that combines soul-lifting, mind expanding, heart soothing bliss with monolithic beats, heavy bass grooves, and layers of effects...a beautiful cacophony of ambient noise echoes.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil:  Extinction

We are ultra excited to announce that Collide's cover version of "White Rabbit" will be used for the final end credits for the upcoming feature film Resident Evil: Extinction. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

The US release date is 9/21/07.

They are also using a snippet of it on the trailer!!! The movie stars Milla Jovovich and looks pretty hot... in a zombie end of the world kind of way.

You can view it now on YouTube here

In other great news...there will also be a new super cool remix of "White Rabbit' on the soundtrack for the movie. The remix is done by none other than Dean Garcia, it is called 'White Rabbit' SPC ECO Mix!!!

We will let you know as the soundtrack becomes available.