Beauty in Chaos Remixes

Beauty in Chaos Remixes

Statik just finished 2 remixes for the band Beauty in Chaos for their upcoming remix album ”Beauty Re-envisioned” out either March or April.

The first remix was for the song "20th Century Boy", and features Al Jourgensen on vocals.

The second song was “Un-Natural Disaster”. This song features dUg Pinnick (King’s X) and ICE-T (Body Count)! and Pete Parade (The Offspring) on drums, with a new solo by Zakk Wylde who just came off the road with Ozzy!

Both remixes turned out great, and if all goes well, they will be using the Collide remix of “Un-Natural Disaster” for the first video for their upcoming remix album.

Collide Remix Contest Winners

Collide Remix Contest Winners

Collide Remix Contest Winners

We are always really excited to hear that there are so many talented remixers out there!!

We love hearing all the different takes on our songs, and were honored that so many people wanted to take part in the remixing of Color of Nothing.

After a lot of listening and more listening, we have the list of winners to our recent remix contest.

There was more competition than ever this time around, and the competition was fierce. All of the remixes will appear on our upcoming double remix album. We also have some special songs of our own that will be on the album, as well as some other special remixers that we will be announcing later!

We don’t have a release date yet, but we will keep you updated.

Our eternal thanks to all of the remixers for helping to make this happen.

Here are the winners!!

Blue Sky Alive
D' MacKinnon of Kheperi Global Media LLC
Digital Gnosis
Giant Monsters on the Horizon
Modern Vultures
Jason Yates
Maria Lui
Nathan Charlson: Milkfixer
Pappy (a.k.a. Throe)
Rale Daver
Rick Moore
the boundless
The Stitchlings
Vladan Hranisavljevic
The Wave and the Particle(x2)
Zero Meaning

Until next time,

Much love from the people who bring you Collide