harpers island

Harpers Island

Harpers Island

Collide's music will be featured tonight on a Harpers Island, which is a new murder mystery show on CBS.

Each week a new character dies and every person is suspect... oohhhhh how suspenseful!!!

We hear that people are setting up drinking games to guess the victims and the murderers. Bloody Mary's anyone?? We would give you a hint...but we have no idea. It is all top secret.

On the CBS Website they have a "pick the victim game" where you can win $1000...while your at it tell them you are glad they are playing cool music =).

The show airs tonight on CBS @ 10pm ET/PT (check your channel listing for details).

Harpers Island has been compared to Agatha Christie meets Saw. So... if you are looking for a little drama in your life... stay tuned for tonight's episode where they will be playing our song "Transfer" from Chasing the Ghost.

Spooooooooky funnnnn.