front line assembly

Remix for Front Line Assembly

Remix for Front Line Assembly

We chose the song "Predator" off of their latest album FLAvour of the Weak -- kaRIN provides guest vocals. It was released on their remix CD entitled "Re-Wind".

The track list is as follows...

  • CD1
  • Predator (cease & destroy-mix)
  • Aftermath (we shall all perish-mix)(unreleased)
  • Electrocution (shocker-mix)
  • Life (suck it up-mix)
  • Oblivion (was it worth it-mix)
  • Colombian Necktie (loosed lips)
  • Comatose (re-entry-mix)

  • CD2
  • Comatose (grisha-mix by Front 242)
  • Predator (final-mix by Collide)
  • Evil Playground (tim schuldt remix)
  • Life=Leben (different life=anderes leben) remix by kalte farben
  • Comatose (mix 2.0) by eat static
  • Comatose Necktie (remix by Cydonia)
  • Auto-Erotic (remixed by fini tribe)