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Otherworldly Beautiful Noise…

This is a tale of how three artists came together from across continents to collaborate and make some music - just something that they all wanted to hear: a swervy collision of sorts between kaRIN & Statik of Collide, and Dean Garcia, the instrumental half of Curve, creating a brand new project called The Secret Meeting.

Collide have long been the shining darlings of the contemporary underground music scene, and have managed to forge new ground and respect with each independent release. Collide have established a dedicated cult following and are often described as “one of the best unknown bands” in music today. Their music has been described as “groundbreaking and purely orgasmic”. Curve was one of the best-loved underground acts of the nineties with their seamless fusion of alternative rock, industrial dance, and ethereal soundscapes – it’s impossible to imagine darkwave, gothic club music, or electronica without their influence.

The one comparison that could easily be made between Collide and Curve is the undeniable chemistry between vocalists and noise makers, and the remarkable ability to match evocative storytelling with music that is simultaneously sympathetic and challenging. Although very separate entities, both bands share this alchemy of gutsy, charged music with stirring and soothing vocals that have the ability to rip into your heart and alternatively peer into your soul. Through the wonders of technology, Collide met Dean Garcia virtually through cyber space and have found a way to cross collaborate. The Secret Meeting is driving the underground music world mad with anticipation. Even before its official release date, the new group has already landed two tracks on the CBS network TV show NCIS. Fans of NCIS caught some snippets, but everybody else must wait until Summer 2007 for the official release of Ultrashiver, The Secret Meeting debut, through Noiseplus Music.

Both Statik and Garcia have lent their talents and skills to the dream-drugged narratives of incredible visionary artists. Statik’s diverse list of notables include Tool, Prince, Skinny Puppy, and Leonard Cohen. Dean Garcia’s include The Eurythmics, Mick Jagger, and Sinead O’Connor. The Secret Meeting is no exception, and on Ultrashiver, kaRIN has given herself free rein to chase her demons and it’s a captivating journey.

Ultrashiver is an intoxicating ride through modern alternative music – at turns sleek, sensual, emotive, chilling, surreal, aggressive, detached, but never less than engrossing. Echoes of Collide and Curve can be heard in these grooves of course, but The Secret Meeting takes on a life and personality of its own.