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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Secret Meeting

Who is in the band?
kaRIN and Statik from the band Collide and Dean Garcia, who was the instrumental side of the band Curve.

Where do they live now?
kaRIN & Statik live in Los Angeles and Dean Garcia lives in London.

How did they meet and when did The Secret Meeting start?
They met in 2006 while kaRIN was surfing around online and came across Dean Garcia's solo page on myspace. kaRIN wrote Dean a short note to see if he might like a guest vocal and it turned into a full project.

Where did the name The Secret Meeting come from?
We all brainstormed and bounced back and forth a bunch of names and The Secret Meeting seemed to be the one that fit the project the most.

Do they have any previous releases before The Secret Meeting?
Yes, Collide's releases can be found on the Collide Virtual Press Section, and Curve also has several releases--more info here

How many CDs have The Secret Meeting released so far?
They have released one full-length CD called Ultrashiver and two singles; Shiver X, and Shooting Laser Beams

What kind of equipment does The Secret Meeting use?
Collide uses a Pro-Tools HD system with lots of plug ins.
Dean Garcia uses Pro-Tools and his Stingray Bass.

What are the future plans for The Secret Meeting?
To see which way the wind blows.