The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver" Instrumental (Download)


The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver" Instrumental (Download)


1. Touch - Instrumental
2. Am I Here? - Instrumental
3. Every Little Thing - Instrumental
4. Beautiful Noise Machine - Instrumental
5. Blacker Than Blue - Instrumental
6. SoulCreeper - Instrumental
7. Shooting Laser Beams - Instrumental
8. Forwards and Sideways - Instrumental
9. Shiver X - Instrumental
10. Imaginate  - Instrumental

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For those of you who don't know, The Secret Meeting is a collaboration between kaRIN & Statik of Collide, and Dean Garcia of Curve.
Ultrashiver, their debut release, is an intoxicating ride through modern alternative music – at turns sleek, sensual, emotive, chilling, surreal, aggressive, detached, but never less than engrossing. This release is delicate and menacing, noisy and beautiful, and sure to penetrate hearts and resonate in the minds and souls of the listener.
Echoes of Collide and Curve can be heard in these grooves, of course, but The Secret Meeting takes on a life and personality of its own.

This item is also available as a limited edition, signed by all 3 band members--kaRIN, Statik, and Dean Garcia.

A 7 page PDF of the album artwork is included with this download

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