Industrial Rock:  Over the course of five studio albums and a number of remix releases, Los Angeles based duo Collide has seamlessly moved from the goth industrial of their 1996 debut, Beneath the Skin, and incorporated elements of trip-hop, dream pop, and even Middle Eastern influences.  On Color of Nothing, their first full-length of new material in six years, kaRIN and Statik sound rejuvenated, embracing their history while pushing theirmusic further.  Everything is polished without being over-produced, as Statik’s arrangements are the perfect foil for kaRIN’s elastic vocals going from seductive whisper to gritty scowl. 

The album opens with the scorching punch of industrial rockers, “Wake Up” and “Soul Crush,” both revealing the path Color of Nothing is taking with searing guitars and pulsating synths right out of the Trent Reznor playbook.  But this isn’t merely an exercise in hero worship, as Collide finds its identity when they take a more deliberate pace.  The sexy grind of “Freaks Me Out” and the explosive rhythms of “Side to Side” are Collide at its strongest and most expansive.  And still, the band doesn’t shy away from the dance floor, as heard on the addictive “Say What You Mean.” Color of Nothing isn’t so much a return to form as it is a band showing unflinching confidence in its capabilities.  - Brian Lumauig