Like the Hunted

Released: 2005
Label: Noiseplus Music
Product Code: Noise 005

Notes: NTSC, all regions DVD. Extra things you might not know about the dvd: you can find a set list on the bottom left of the first menu. The concert section of the DVD is presented in 16:9 format. Also, if your DVD player supports alternate angle selection, you can choose to watch the entire concert from the crane camera without any edits

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01. Intro listen
02. Beneath the Skin listen lyrics
03. Crushed listen lyrics
04. Complicated   listen  lyrics
05. Falling Up  listen lyrics
06. Dreamsleep  listen lyrics
07. Slither  listen  lyrics
08. Modify listen lyrics
09. Razor Sharp listen lyrics
10. White Rabbit  listen lyrics
11. Wings of Steel listen lyrics
12. Like You Want to Believe listen lyrics
13. Somewhere listen lyrics
14. The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum listen
15. Euphoria listen lyrics

Other Videos

16. Euphoria listen lyrics
17. Son of a Preacher Man  listen
18. Razor Sharp (version 1) listen lyrics
19. Razor Sharp (version 2) listen lyrics
20. Wings of Steel (West Coast Tour Video) listen lyrics
21. Like You Want to Believe (West Coast Tour Video) listen lyrics
22. Deep (Like the Hunted acoustic version) listen lyrics
23. Modify (Like the Hunted acoustic version) listen lyrics
24. The Modification (interview-video outtakes)