Collide "Mind & Matter" (download)


Collide "Mind & Matter" (download)


Disc 1

1. Freaks Me Out (Blue Stahli Remix)
2. Soul Crush (WA HB Remix)
3. Fix (Tkivo Remix)
4. Holding Back
5. Winter Kills
6. Imagine
7. Intruder (Maria Lui December Remix)
8. Side to Side (_The Boundless_ Remix)
9. Wake Up (Purr Machine Remix)
10. Fix (D’MacKinnon Remix)
11. Heroes in Dust (NBN8N Remix)
12. Intruder (The Wave and the Particle Remix)
13. Side to Side (The Stitchlings Remix)
14. Changing the Concept (Katarrhaktes Remix)

Disc 2

1. Side to Side (Statik Remix)
2. Collide R U Dangerous? (Milkfixer Remix)
3. Freaks Me Out (Modern Vultures Remix)
4. Intruder (Jason Slater Remix)
5. Blurring the Edges (Last Minute Remix)
6. Pale Blue (Rikka Remix)
7. Will Not Be Destroyed (Digital Gnosis Remix)
8. Soul Crush (Alien Nation vs. Giant Monsters on the Horizon Remix)
9. Wake Up (LGVela Remix)
10. Side to Side (Rale Daver Remix)
11. Fix (Mesopik Remix)
12. Only Human (Blue Sky Alive Remix)
13. Say What You Mean (The Wave and the Particle Remix)
14. Pale Blue (BIINDS Rework)
15. Blurring the Edges (Zero Meaning Remix)

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