The Secret Meeting "Shiver X" CD


The Secret Meeting "Shiver X" CD

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1. Shiver X (The Shiver XL Mix) mixed and produced at the LAB by Dean Garcia
2. Stargazing (previously unreleased) mixed by Statik at Noiseplus Studios
3. Shiver X (Tripper X Mix) mixed by DJ Phrancis
4. Shiver X (Dreamscape Mix) mixed by Malice Vext
5. Shiver X (Sibling Mix) mixed by Zerostereo
> 6. Shiver X (Foundation 451 Mini-mix) violated by Dayvv
7. Shiver X (Seizure X) mixed by Aaron McDonald
8. Shiver X (Steam-Driven Violence Mix) rethought by Kimmuriel & MJMcLean
9. Shiver X (Confused Mix) mixed by A. Malecki (Undeceive)
10. Shiver X (Bass Kittens Dub Mix) mixed by Jon Drukman for Bass Kittens Music

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For those that don't know, The Secret Meeting is a collaboration between kaRIN & Statik of Collide, and Dean Garcia of Curve. Echoes of Collide and Curve can be heard in these grooves, of course, but The Secret Meeting takes on a life and personality of its own.

"Shiver X" is the first single from the The Secret Meeting album Ultrashiver, their debut release.

This single has some great floor-rattling bass. Dean's Shiver XL Mix is sure to test those sub-woofers, with a chill mix featuring his bass and kaRIN's seductive voice.
The single also includes the song "Stargazing", a previously unreleased song...faster, and with a bit of a different feeling than other songs on the Ultrashiver album, this song is definately a must have for anyone who already has the album.